China donates facial masks to Dominica

The People's republic of China donated facial masks to Dominica to help fight against the outbreak of COVID-19

Chinese officials Lin XianJiang giving facial masks to Dominican Minister of Health Dr Irving McIntyre along with Foreign Minister Kenneth Darroux

The People’s republic of China donated facial masks to Dominica to help fight against the outbreak of COVID-19. The donation was made during a handing over ceremony that took place at embassy of China on Friday.

The donation ceremony took place in the presence of delegates of both nations.


This donation was given by Chinese ambassador Dominica Lin Xianjiang to Dominican Minister of Health, Wellness and new health investment- Dr Irving McIntyre, along with foreign minister Kenneth Darroux.

The donation of facial masks is acknowledged and considered as a gesture of kindness and gratitude to the people of Dominica.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit acknowledged and appreciated the kind gesture of China towards strengthening the bond between two nations.

Prime Minister skerrit took it to the Twitter to thank Chinese government. He said, “I would like to thank people’s republic of China for the generous donation of facial masks.”

“The government and people of China continue to support Dominica’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.”


Even the Chinese government has ensured people of Dominica for the continuous support in the every field in the coming future.

In the hassling times, where COVID-19 is on the peak, China has been proven as significant helping hand towards Dominica.

Moreover, it will boost up bilateral relations between two nations.

Earlier Dominica has provided support towards China by bringing his entire cabinet to chinese embassy to stand by China in battling against Covid-19 outbreak.

Evenly, China and Dominica has stood by each other and given their full to support each other by providing them assistance in every field.

China is strongly committed towards paving help as it has donated Rapid Antigent test kits, Sinopharm Covid vaccines, ventilators, surgical masks and other medical equipment to Dominica.

The Dominica-China friendship hospital which is about to get inaugurated by next month is also another symbol of friendship between two nations.