China donates 2 vaccination mobile units to Jamaica

China donates 2 vaccination mobile units to Jamaica
China donates 2 vaccination mobile units to Jamaica

2 mobile units have been donated by the Yantai Municipal People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China to Jamaica. These units would be used to accelerate the vaccination drive in the country.

Previously South East Regional Health Authority is managing and operating vehicles valued at ¥878,597 RMB.

On Thursday, September 30, during the symbolic virtual handover ceremony, Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health and Wellness, said that the mobile vaccination units had made stops at 12 various sites across the island to date.

While informing about targeting five new sites in future, Minister Tufton said, “At each stop, we were able to vaccinate on average of 200 Jamaicans with a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine,”

While expressing his gratitude Minister Tufton said that they would be helping Jamaica to meet the vaccination target of 65% population till March 2022.

Minister highlighted that the Ministry would further plan to purchase additional units from the manufacturer for the island’s vaccination programme.

Minister said, “I have been on the buses, toured, seen them in action, both in urban and rural settings, and I really have to commend the manufacturers for the quality of the product, the ease of use, the comfort that it offers to those who are using it.”

Kamina Johnson Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, said that the donation of the units would be further demonstrated of the close friendship and solidarity between the countries and would be further deepening bilateral ties and would boost the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Minister Smith said, “This donation also solidifies our special relationship with Yantai, with which the city of Kingston has been twinned since 2019. The consistent assistance that China has provided towards Jamaica and our national goals and development, particularly in the area of public health, continues to be welcomed and very much appreciated. This will bring us closer – along with the receipt in the near future of the Shinopharm vaccines – to achieving the vaccination targets set by the Government of Jamaica.”

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Jamaica, Ambassador Tian Qi, said that the donation of the vehicles is medical equipment that would be arriving on the island in few days, which will further bolster the country’s response to the pandemic.