Central Village: 18 aged wanted man held for burning his girlfriend

18-year-old man held by police in case of burning his girlfriend during a joint operation in Central Village on 21 February.

Two wanted men booked in San Juan robbery case. Image Credit: Facebook, South African Police Service
Two wanted men booked in San Juan robbery case. Image Credit: Facebook, South African Police Service

Jamaica: An 18-year-old man was held by the police department in the case of burning his 17-year-old girlfriend severely during a joint operation in the Central Village of Saint Catherine, a parish in the southeastern part of Jamaica, on the afternoon of Wednesday, 21 February, around 1:40 pm.

The culprit was on the run from the law since the attack on his girlfriend in the month of August of last year, 2023. The culprit is identified with the name of Antwone Grey, who was the ex-boyfriend of the victim girl. The victim girl was identified with the name of Alecia King.

The joint operation in which the culprit man was arrested in Central Village was conducted on the day by the officers from the Saint Andrew South, Linstead, and Central Village police at nearly 1:40 pm.

As per the report, the culprit was found by the police officers while he was hiding in a residence at the location. It is said that the woman is also taken into custody by the police officers for the offence of hiding the culprit at her house.

Reportedly, in the crime that took place against the victim teen girl in August month of last year while she was sleeping at the house of her relatives in the Redwood town of Saint Catherine. It is mentioned that the victim was doused with gasoline by the culprit and then set on fire.

The police department was reported about the incident of crime in Central Village. In response to the report, the police officers went to the place of the crime and confirmed the report after taking the area under control to start the early investigation.

The emergency health services were also informed about the incident of crime to get medical help. Eventually, the victim girl was taken to the United States for medical surgery that saved her life. The culprit boy was arrested in the Central Village joint operation by the police officers a day after the victim girl visited back to Jamaica.

The local residents of the communities around Central Village and the people of the nation are sharing their views on the case after hearing about the arrest of the culprit by the police in a joint operation who tried to kill his girlfriend by burning her.

People are saying, ”Just want to appeal to young people in general and young adults in particular. Be careful of the caliber of people you associate with. Take the time to know and understand the mental aptitude of the person before developing a romantic relationship with them. Very often, people put themselves and their lives at risk by their association. Take time to know him or her. The world is not running away from you. Put your future and your personal well-being ahead of everything else. Educate yourself. It’s the one thing that no one can take from you. A leopard cannot change its spots.”

People also said, “Parents protect your daughters and raise your sons. These young boys grow up not knowing how to handle rejection, or how to properly express their emotions in a healthy way. This is sad. He’s so young too.”

The people are hoping for the betterment of the victim and her future life and are also demanding justice by giving the culprit the punishment that he deserves. The people are looking into the case and waiting for further updates.