Celebrate Dominica World Creole Music Festival with exclusive first wave of artists

Dominica announced the first wave of artists for the World Creole Music Festival 2023. The festival will be held from October 27 to October 29, 2023.

Celebrate Dominica World Creole Music Festival with exclusive first wave of artists
Celebrate Dominica World Creole Music Festival with exclusive first wave of artists

Roseau, Dominica: Dominica announced the first wave of artists for the World Creole Music Festival 2023. The festival will be held from October 27 to October 29, 2023 under the theme-“Three nights of pulsating rhythms”. The lineup will entertain the audience with their exceptional music.

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Extasy Band:

Dominica’s own musical treasure, the Extasy Band, is set to bring the house down on the main stage. Their unique blend of Caribbean fusion, seasoned with creole culture and sprinkled with elements of bouyon, cadence, Haitian compas, reggae, soca, and Latin American music, is guaranteed to set your soul on fire.

This is not just a performance, it’s a celebration of Dominica’s diverse and vibrant musical heritage. The tourists should brace themselves for a magical evening with Extasy Band and let the rhythm of the island.

Iconic Gordon Henderson

Prepare to be captivated at WCMF 2023 as they proudly present the iconic Gordon Henderson.With a music career stretching over five decades, he has not only played the keyboards on one of the best-selling records by Exile One but also pioneered Cadence-Lypso – the Caribbean’s first fusion music genre.

Get ready for a riveting performance that bridges past and present, celebrating the vibrant, irresistible beat of Cadence-Lypso. The tourists will witness remarkable journey and enduring influence of Gordon Henderson at the World Creole Music Festival.

Michele Henderson

Experience the magic of WCMF2023 with the captivating talent of Michele Henderson, Dominica’s homegrown songbird.

A singer, songwriter, and composer of the cherished CARICOM Anthem, ‘Celebrating Caricom’, Michele is an ambassador of our Creole culture. With a rich repertoire that beautifully weaves Creole music into an international tapestry, her performances celebrate heritage and unity.

The tourists witness the stunning performance of Michele Henderson, a testament to the power of music in transcending boundaries and uniting hearts. They will be ready for an unforgettable evening at the World Creole Music Festival.

Midnight Groovers

Celebrate the vibrant heartbeat of Dominica with the legendary Midnight Groovers at WCMF2023. Hailing from South City, Grand Bay, this iconic band has been the soulful voice of the community for over three decades.

This year, Dominica celebrated their past, embrace their present, and look forward to the future with the Midnight Groovers. Their raw, undiluted sound resonates with all – from the countryside to the city, from the young to the old.

The festival will pay homage to their rich heritage and revel in the captivating rhythm of Midnight Groovers. It is the perfect chance on this musical rendezvous. 

Zouk All Stars featuring NJIE

Immerse in the rhythm of Guadeloupe with the illustrious NJIE, a cornerstone of the Zouk All Stars, at WCMF2023. Having begun her career in various orchestras and piano bars, NJIE now embodies the diverse essence of the Caribbean in her music, straddling genres from Zouk to Bachata, and Reggaeton.

More than just a singer, NJIE is a cultural ambassador, her multilingual repertoire giving voice to a plethora of experiences and emotions. Her music transcends borders and resonates with audiences from the sandy shores of Guadeloupe to global metropolises, entrancing listeners of all ages.

This year, Dominica accompany NJIE on a harmonious journey that spans genres, languages, and continents. Be part of this celebration of unity and diversity, and let NJIE’s vibrant melodies carry you away.

Medhy Custos

Witness Medhy Custos, as part of the esteemed Zouk All Stars, perform live. Hailing from Guadeloupe, Medhy has etched his name in the world of music with his diverse range, from traditional Gwoka to his famous “Lova girl.” Prepare for an electrifying performance that crosses borders and unites hearts.

Joëlle Ursull

Get ready for Joëlle Ursull at WCMF2023, a former participant in Zouk Machine.

Launching her solo career in 1988, Ursull’s star has only shone brighter over time. Known for her Eurovision 1990 hit “White and Black Blues,” she brings a unique blend of French and Caribbean influences to the stage.

After years dedicated to motherhood and numerous musical collaborations, her return to the music scene is eagerly awaited. Don’t miss her dynamic performance as part of Zouk All Stars.

Jean Luc Guanel

Get ready for Jean Luc Guanel, a versatile artist and integral part of Zouk All Stars, at WCMF2023. Launching his career in 1985 with “Foss Not'”, he’s since built a name for himself in the industry, working in various radio stations, collaborating with acclaimed artists like Kassav’ and Malavoi, and performing at significant events like the 10th anniversary of Kassav’.

After the disbandment of Taxi Kreol in 1991, he co-founded the “Groupe du Morne”, which later gave birth to Kwak. Now a professional musician with contributions on over 800 albums and founder of several musical groups, Jean Luc’s presence on stage promises a mesmerizing performance.

Tabou Combo

Join the rhythmic celebration with the revered Tabou Combo at WCMF2023.This iconic band, hailing from Haiti, has been the heartbeat of the community for over five decades.

Their music is the history – a testament to their resilience and a rallying cry against adversity.

Let’s honour the heritage, embrace the present, and stride towards the future with their undiluted sound resonating across generations in Dominica.

Beres Hammond

Immerse in the mellifluous harmony of Beres Hammond at WCMF2023 This Jamaican maestro, a pivotal figure in the Lovers Rock genre, has been echoing the beats of our hearts for over five decades.

His soulful tunes have not just been music but a chronicle of our resilience, a clarion call against adversity. As they honour their rich heritage, let’s indulge in the present and anticipate the future with his undiluted sound transcending time.


Embrace the pulsating energy of Popcaan at WCMF2023. This Jamaican sensation, a household name in the dancehall genre for the past decade, skyrocketed to global stardom with his debut album ‘Where We Come From’.

Patrice Roberts

Immerse in the powerful melodies of Patrice Roberts at WCMF2023. Emerged in 2005, this Trinidadian sensation’s talent became the talk of the town. Her association with the renowned Bunji Garlin and later with the international Soca Band, Xtatik, propelled her into the limelight.

Roberts, the youngest female Road March winner, has evolved into a formidable force in the Caribbean music scene. Don’t miss her captivating performance.

Machel Montano

Join in the rhythmic explosion with the legendary Machel Montano at WCMF2023.

Since his debut at age seven, Montano has been a trailblazer for Soca music, delivering hits that resonate across the globe.

The only artist to have won the Power Soca Monarch title four times in a row, Montano’s captivating performances have left audiences spellbound. Witness a master of his craft in action and embrace the invigorating spirit of Soca. 

TK International

Get ready to dance all night with Dominica’s very own, the TK International at WCMF2023.

With their masterful fusion of Bouyon, Zouk, Compass, Reggae, Cadence, and Dancehall, TK International promises a performance that radiates Caribbean vibes.

Revered as “Band of the Year” multiple times, their tracks like “Nous Konnet Vive”, “Lock de Gate”, and “Nice Time” have become anthems in their homeland and beyond.

Nigeria’s Afro-pop star, Joeboy

Get set to groove with Nigeria’s Afro-pop star, Joeboy, at the WCMF2023. With his creative blend of Afro-pop, Trap, and R&B resonating the rich African spirit, Joeboy promises a performance that will leave you mesmerized.

Starting his career at a young age, he now stands as one of Nigeria’s rapidly rising musicians with popular hits like “Baby Baby” and “Beginning”. He will revel in his captivating tunes that are not only loved in Nigeria, but globally.

Asa Bantan

Join us at WCMF2023 and experience Asa Bantan, Dominica’s “King of Bouyon” and ‘Wet Fete King’. Famous for electrifying performances and a 20-year career that’s taken him from the Caribbean to Europe and the U.S, Asa’s music is set to light up the stage. You certainly don’t want to miss it. Let’s dance to the infectious beats of Asa Bantan.


Experience the Iconic VAYB: Redefining Compas Music. Their infectious melodies, captivating performances, and brand new album ‘Mayday’ will set the stage on fire at WCMF2023.Don’t miss the electrifying vibe they bring to the festival.