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Heavy thunderstorms to impact Dominica, Antigua, Martinique

Tropical Storm Philippe has been strengthening around the Caribbean

Tropical Storm Watches in effect for Antigua and Barbuda

Topical Storm Watch has been issued for Antigua and Barbuda amid the circulation of the Philippe

WEATHER: TS Phillipe to cause heavy rainfall across Windwards

Tropical Storm Phillipe continued to drift southwest to west-southwest tonight near 5 mph

Tropical Storm Nigel spinning away in Central Atlantic

Tropical Storm Nigel has been spinning away in the Central Atlantic with the maximum sustained winds. The winds stood near 100mph as per the weather advisory.

Weather: Tropical Storm Nigel continue to strengthen in Atlantic 

Nigel continues to strengthen in the Atlantic with no land areas in its path. There are two areas are outlined by the National Hurricane Center to watch.

Hurricane Lee likely to influence waters, slowing down with time 

Hurricane Lee is likely to influence the weather and water across the Caribbean. The potential impact of the hurricane will remain 6 to 8 (six to eight) days away. 

Hurricane Lee lowered to Category 2, sustained maximum wind speed 

Hurricane Lee has weakened a bit more, now with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph (Category 2). It is likely to re-strengthen and grow in size over the next few days. 

Weather: Hurricane Lee down to Category 3, storms to slow down

Hurricane Lee down to a Category 3. It will remains a major hurricane this evening (Friday, Sept 8 ) but it has battled some wind shear today, causing the storm to lose some of its intensity.

WEATHER: Hurricane Lee quickly powered to Category 5

Hurricane Lee has very quickly powered to Category 5 at 11 pm with wind speed of 160mph. The winds is expected to reach 180 mph within 12 hours.

Tropical Storm turns into Hurricane Lee, expected to strengthen by weekend

Tropical Storm Lee has turned into a category 5 Hurricane Lee with sustained winds of 75mph and moving West- North West at 14mph

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