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Monday, April 19, 2021


US and Canada

Brooklyn police accused of racism after shooting down a man of colour

Tear gas has been used and a curfew imposed amid angry protests after police fatally shot a man of colour in the US city...

How 91,515 oily pennies turned into paper money

A Georgia man who received his last salary in more than 90,000 oil-soaked cents from a disgruntled former employer experienced a change for the better and eventually paid out his large chunk of coins.

Lack of credibility in Human Rights 2020 report triggers conflict in Caribbean

Caribbean: A recently published Human Rights report by the US State Department has turned the political environment upside down in the Caribbean region after...

United Nations urges world to donate up to $10 billion for Syrians

The United Nations requested international donors to pledge up to $10 billion on Tuesday to support Syrians fleeing a decade of civil war during the coronavirus pandemic, saying that the necessity for humanitarian assistance has never been so great.

US halts trade between Myanmar amid barbaric violence

The United States has imposed a moratorium on an important trade agreement with the country, making the restoration of a democratic government in Myanmar a necessary condition. The US is also imposing separate economic sanctions on Myanmar.

China-Iran Pact: 25-year strategic agreement to be a big challenge for US

The 25-year strategic pact between China and Iran has been considered a significant event in view of the increasing mobilization in the world. Experts say that this treaty will have far-reaching effects for the Gulf region and the rest of the world. This is being seen as another major challenge to the US-led world order.

10 people killed in US shooting at Colorado grocery store

In a firing incident at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, USA, ten people, including a policeman, were killed, and a suspect was detained in the case. Boulder's police chief became emotional after the officer's death.

AstraZeneca: No risk of blood clots, vaccine 100% effective against severe COVID-19

On Monday,22 March 2021, AstraZeneca announced that its coronavirus vaccine is 80 per cent effective against the noble virus among the elderly and poses no blood clot risks. The figures came in after phase III trials in the US, as European countries shun AstraZeneca vaccines for fears of blood clots.

8 People Killed in Atlanta-Area Massage Parlor Shootings

Eight people, including at least six Asian women, have been killed in a shootout at three different spas in Georgia, USA.

Encourage women’s participation; UN appeals world leaders

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appealed to the world's leaders to increase the equal participation of women in society.

Latest news

“The valley of Dry Bones,” writes DLP

Watching that video of the Prime Minister of Barbados destroying the image and waving the magic flag to solve our water problems, one could only remind Barbadians of the BLP "Covenant Of Hope".

Trinidad and Tobago sends cleaning supplies to Barbados to clear ashfall

Barbados is experiencing a heavy ashfall due to the massive volcanic eruption at La Soufriere volcano in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Over third of target population inoculated in St Kitts and Nevis, says PM Harris

Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris, during a vaccination session at Sylvia Garnette Health Centre in Tabernacle said that more than a third portion of the target population has been vaccinated against COVID-19.

St Vincent: Another explosive eruption in La Soufrière volcano, total 30 explosions so far

At around 4:49 PM there was another explosive eruption in La Soufrière volcano in St Vincent and the Grendines which totalled 30 explosions so far

Prince Philip’s funeral: No state funeral due to COVID-19 restrictions

Prince Philip will be laid to rest today with a custom looking somewhat different to previous royal funerals — a resolution down to Philip's...