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Volcano erupts on Spain’s La Palma island, 5,000 evacuated

The Canary Islands' first volcanic outburst in 50 years forced the evacuation of about 5,000 people, including about 500 tourists, and destroyed about 100 homes, officials said Monday.

Norway opposition to win elections fought on oil ‘inequality’

Norway voted on Monday on the last day of a parliamentary election dominated by climate change and economic inequality

WHO says Mu variant might be vaccine resistant

The World Health Organization has stated that it is closely monitoring a distinct "variant of interest" described by Mu, warning that the new variant exhibits signs of possible resistance to vaccines.

Upcoming US $300 million worth project to transform tourism sector in Caribbean

A new $300 million project is set to be in the Caribbean that will transform the tourism sector in the region. The upcoming project...

Women upto age of 25 will get free birth control in France

The health minister announced Thursday that France would offer free birth control to all women up to age 25 beginning next year.

Afghanistan causing rift between America and Europe?

From the scene of Biden laying his hand on his shoulder after a tumultuous relationship with Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron's gesture of greeting tells the full story of how the relationship between the US administration and EU leaders has changed.

Dutch athlete Sifan Hassan tripped over, rolled up and won 1500m heat

Sifan Hassan's bid for a distance at the Olympics was almost derailed on Monday when the world champion tripped over another runner and fell at the last bell of her heat of 1500 meters.

EU Delegation in Jamaica to mark ‘Europe Day’ via virtual cultural show

Jamaica: The delegation of the European Union - EU would mark- Europe Day on Sunday, 9 May 2021 and also is going to host...

Prince Philip’s funeral: No state funeral due to COVID-19 restrictions

Prince Philip will be laid to rest today with a custom looking somewhat different to previous royal funerals — a resolution down to Philip's...

COVID-19 deaths in Europe crossed the massive 1 million mark

Europe's coronavirus deaths on Monday crossed the massive one-million mark as the World Health Organization recommended that the pandemic had arrived at a "critical...

Latest news

Commodore Gorman becomes first female Chief of Defence Force in Jamaica

Three senior Jamaican Defence Force commanders were interviewed for their job

Antigua and Barbuda: 3 workers union starts legally opposing new vaccine mandate policy

The Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association had filed this lawsuit

Marigot Hospital built by MMCE to become milestone in Dominica healthcare development

MMCE had come up as an organisation that is committed to its work and project assigned

St Kitts and Nevis records 38 new COVID-19 cases

According to the updation, there are 761 people who have quarantined themselves at their residence

Trinidad and Tobago records 285 new COVID-19 cases

470,075 people have been fully vaccinated on the island