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Roosevelt Skerrit congratulates Indian PM Modi for vaccinating over 1 billion people

Prime Minister of Dominica Dr Roosevelt Skerrit on Friday congratulated the government and people of India

Taliban Government permits girls for secondary education

Omar Abdi shared the information of this upliftment in Afghanistan, he is a senior United Nations official

Bibi Fatima mosque trembled with bomb explosion, 32 people died and 45 injured

One of the witness, while telling about the incident, said that he heard three explosions

CARPHA receives RNA test kits worth US $43,411 from Japan

The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Medical Microbiology Laboratory received 23 viral RNA test kits worth US$43,411

Afghanistan: Kabul shook after bomb blast,5 died

This blast was said to be the deadliest since the Afghan has been deserted by the US forces at the August end

Afghanistan journalists narrate how Taliban tortured them

Two journalists who were brutally beaten up by the Taliban in Afghanistan last week have narrated their ordeal in a conversation with the BBC.

Upcoming US $300 million worth project to transform tourism sector in Caribbean

A new $300 million project is set to be in the Caribbean that will transform the tourism sector in the region. The upcoming project...

Do you wash your hands and feet very frequently? You might be suffering from OCD

Germs, viruses, dirt can harm you and you are washing or cleaning your hands again and again, then this is a symptom of a disease called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

India prepares to tackle third-wave of COVID-19, increases oxygen capacity

As COVID-19 cases and deaths exploded in India, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and several others had so little oxygen that many patients suffocated to death.

Taliban fires tear gas on women led protests in Kabul

A protest led by women rights activists in Kabul became violent after Taliban forces prevented them from marching to the presidential palace.

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