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Africa-CARICOM Summit: Gaston Browne offers four interwoven proposals

“No trade was between Africa and the Caribbean, Europeans used African people as commodity. They traded. We were traded”

47-year-old son of ‘Dictator Muammar Gaddafi’ released from prison

Libyan authorities have released Saadi Gaddafi, the son of former leader Muammar Gaddafi who was sacked and killed during a 2011 rebellion.

100,000 children in Ethiopia’s Tigray face deadly hunger, says UN

The United Nations children's agency stated that on Friday that more than 100,000 children in Ethiopia's northern region of Tigray could suffer life-threatening malnutrition in the next 12 months, a 10-fold increase to normal numbers.

Explained: Chi Chi Hichilema and her connection to Zambian politician Hakainde Hichilema

For years, he has done nothing but lied to the country about his past. Did you know that Hichilema has a secret child? Well, now you know.

Niger says 14 killed in attack near Mali border

Armed men on motorbikes shot 14 civilians in an attack on a village in western Niger, near the unsettled border with Mali, the government announced on Monday.

South Africans aspire Dominica Citizenship as the Region suffers an economy downturn

As the crime rates and violence increase in the South Africa Region and amid the economic crisis, the people are demanding to shift to the Caribbean island of Dominica so as to secure the future of them and their families.

Mia Mottley writes a heartfelt message on Africa day 2021

The prime minister of Barbados island extended special greetings on Africa day 2021 to all the African people living in the region and Diaspora.

American singer Akon’s meeting with Uganda Prez sparks criticism

American rap artist and singer Akon has drawn criticism from rights activists over his meetings with Uganda's president as he pursues the development of a futuristic city in the country of East Africa.

Kenya freezes private importation of COVID-19 vaccines

Kenya government has ordered a quick suspension on private importations of vaccines, citing fears that it may lead to counterfeit inoculations arriving into the country.

Africa grows fertile ground for jihadis

From the vast landscape of the Sahel Desert to the Sinai Peninsula and now Mozambique. Africa is proving to be a very fertile land for jihadi groups. The ongoing conflicts in this area have also given the jihadis opportunities to set foot.

Latest news

Antigua and Barbuda: 3 workers union starts legally opposing new vaccine mandate policy

The Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association had filed this lawsuit

Marigot Hospital built by MMCE to become milestone in Dominica healthcare development

MMCE had come up as an organisation that is committed to its work and project assigned

St Kitts and Nevis records 38 new COVID-19 cases

According to the updation, there are 761 people who have quarantined themselves at their residence

Trinidad and Tobago records 285 new COVID-19 cases

470,075 people have been fully vaccinated on the island

PM Gaston Browne handed over 11 renovated homes recipients

These houses have been included in the €5 million-euro project, which focuses on the rebuilding and renovation of the homes