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Monday, March 1, 2021



Citizenship bill introduces in US, H-1B visa holders get relief

There is a piece of relief news for Indians living in America. The US Citizenship Bill (US Citizenship Bill) has been introduced in the US Parliament. The earlier restrictions on restricting the number of migrants of a country for an employment-based green card will be removed through this. After enacting the law, dependents of H-1B visa holders will also be allowed to work here.

Does soul remain near body even after death? know complete fact

Death is a truth that everyone faces. But man always tries to run away from this truth. But some people have faced death, but after some time, their life is returned to their body again.

President Ali calls long-standing Saints chairman Fernandes an inspiration

President of Guyana Dr. Irfaan Ali joined his fellow Saints alumni this evening in the Boardroom of John Fernandes to honour long-serving Chairman of the Board of Governors of St Stanislaus College, Christopher Fernandes, for his dedication to the school.

India announces gift of 2,00,000 COVID-19 shots for UN peacekeepers

India, hailed as the pharmacy of the world, on Wednesday declared a gift of 200,000 coronavirus jabs for UN peacekeepers.

Mexico begins COVID-19 vaccination of senior citizens

Mexico started applying COVID-19 vaccines to senior citizens in more than 300 municipalities of the country from Monday. 

US Coast Guard saves three people stranded on a desert island in Bahamas

Two men and a woman were stranded for 33 days on a deserted island in the Bahamas, a Caribbean country. They have been rescued by the US Coast Guard (USCG) after about a month.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit advises people to put their health first

Dominica’s yearly carnival has been canceled yet again due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit shared the possible threats of mass meetings in his recent Anou Pale episode.

Grenada, a country with no ‘Army’ celebrating its 47th Independence Day

In the Contemporary world, a nation's power is measured based on its Military power. But several countries have no standing army.

Cuban Govt opens up its economy to private businesses

The Cuban government said that it would allow private businesses to operate in most sectors of the country, in the most significant reform to its state-controlled market for years.

UK boy comes out of coma after 11 months, unknown to COVID disaster

A student in Britain has come out from a coma after 11 months. This student is not aware of the conditions deteriorating from Corona. This was not the world's condition before the student went into a coma, but now the picture has completely changed.

Latest news

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines PM Ralph Gonsalves receives gift of 40,000 doses of vaccines from India

Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves of received a consignment of 40,000 doses of vaccines from India as a gift.

St Kitts & Nevis PM Harris appreciates Indian PM Modi vaccination

Prime Minister of Saint Kitts & Nevis Timothy Harris praised the vaccination of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Gift of 25,000 doses of Astra-Zeneca vaccines from India arrives in St Lucia

The donations of 25,000 jabs of Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccines dispatched from India through the OECS arrived in St Lucia.

Generous donation of 20k doses of vaccines provides hope for our people to defeat COVID-19: PM Harris

Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis Timothy Harris said that this generous donation of 20,000 doses of vaccines courtesy of the Indian Government provides real hope for our people that working together, we can defeat COVID-19.

Consignment of 175,000 doses Astra-Zeneca vaccine reaches in Antigua and Barbuda

The consignment of 175,000 doses of Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine sent from India through the OECS arrived in Antigua and Barbuda on 1st March 2021 at V.C.Bird International Airport St John's.