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NBA star James Harden donates over 5,000 essential supplies to Haiti children

Brooklyn Nets star shooting guard and point guard James Harden is not just rocking on the court, but off-the-court too. Via his Impact13 Foundation, the nine-time NBA All-Star donated over 5,000 essential supplies to Haiti children last week.

Jamaican intelligence apparatus is working great on the ground level: Anderson

Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson, while praising and signalling the strength of the Jamaican's intelligence apparatus, said the recent arrests of two fugitives linked to the killing of former President of Haiti Jovenel Moise has proven that we are doing great on the ground level.

Jamaica nabs former senator sought in Haitian President’s killing

Haiti National Police on Saturday has claimed that a former senator who was the key suspect in the July 7 assassination of President Jovenel Moise has been nabbed in Jamaica.

US Coast Guard pulls 176 Haitians from a vessel near Florida

The US Coast Guard has pulled around 176 Haitians from an overloaded, unseaworthy boat as it arrived at the coast of Florida, officials said, amid the ongoing crises in Haiti.

“The Bullets were flying thick and fast”, describes lone survivor of gang attack in Haiti

Haiti has witnessed a brutal incident of killings of two journalists by the local gangs while reporting in a disputed area of Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

Two journalists killed by Haitian gangs while reporting on disturbed area

The dead bodies of two Haitian journalists killed on Thursday by gang members while reporting in a disputed area south of Port-au-Prince, police said on Friday, as the spike in violence issues continues to shake the Caribbean nation.

11 people killed in an attempt to break the prison in Haiti

On January 3, 2022, ten inmates of Haiti prison tried to escape and were killed, police officials said. Moreover, in the incident, a police...

Haiti PM Henry sustains assassination attempts

Haiti: On Sunday, January 2, 2021, an attempt to assassinate the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, occurred at a church in the city...

Remaining 12 Captive missionaries in Haiti made successful escape

The Christian missioners who were held captive by the Haiti gang were relieved to freedom by challenging a daring act of escaping overnight, by evading gangs and walking for miles under hassling terrains with an infant and other children along with them.

Over 60 people burned alive after a fuel truck exploded in Haiti

On Tuesday morning, a gas tanker truck exploded in Cap-Haitien, the second-largest city of Haiti, killing at least 62 people, with overburdened medics predicting the death toll would rise.

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