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We look forward to a peaceful transfer of power in US: Dominica PM

Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit was disheartened by the Capitol Building incident in Washington, DC, United States.

Caribbean’s Dominica offers best second citizenship opportunities

An island that gives crystal blue water, white sandy beaches, nutmeg scented breezes, a new river for each day as the country has 365 rivers, hot boiling lake, lush green mountains and a life-changing investment opportunity

PM Roosevelt Skerrit congratulates Dominican cricketer Kaveem Hodge

Dominican resident Kaveem Hodge has selected to be in the West Indies team to play the upcoming Bangladesh Tour.

Dominican martial artist Robin writes his first book for youngsters

A proud for Dominica martial artist Shihan Shannah Robin has written a new book to motivate young people of all walks of life.

Caribbean Airlines Cargo developing a Covid-19 vaccine transportation plan

As many countries made the COVID-19 vaccine, the Carrebian region is now stepping forward to it for transportation.

Follow health protocols even during Christmas celebrations: PM Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister of Dominica Dr Roosevelt Skerrit gave seasons greetings to all Dominicans, and he also advised them to celebrate the festivities by following all the health measures.

Exemption of excise tax would assist taxi operators owning a fleet of luxury cars in Dominica

Dominican PM, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit said during the assembly session on Wednesday that government’s move to free import duties and excise tax on motor vehicles is solely to support taxi operators to own fleets of new vehicles.

Climate-resilient housing: Dominica to rehabilitate 140 people

Dominica : Reginald Austrie who is the Minister of Housing and Urban Development of Jamaica has recently announced that the 26 beneficiaries have been...

Two more people have tested positive for novel coronavirus in Dominica

Dominica: National Epidemiologist of Caribbean island Dominica. Dr Shalauddin Ahmed notified that two new cases of deadly COVID 19 arrived in Dominica. As per...

Dominica Government approved VAT Act and Excise Act

Dominica: In the recent budget address Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit and Minister for Finance announced that Government would exempt the import duties...

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