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Dominica and Cuba celebrates 25 years of Diplomatic Relations

The Commonwealth of Dominica and the Republic of Cuba have completed twenty-five years of friendship and diplomatic relations.

Cuba shows solidarity with Palestinian people fronting Israeli belligerence

Cuba expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are a victim of aggressions of the Israeli government. This aggression has led to a high number of deaths and injuries of the citizens.

FCB president – Higinio Velez dies of COVID-19

The President of the Cuban Baseball Federation,-FCB - Higinio Velez, dies after complications due to the COVID-19 mutant. He was also the manager when Cuba won Olympic gold in 2004.

Dominica and Cuba signs Cooperation Agreement to uplift Health sector

Dominica: A new cooperation agreement has been signed by the Commonwealth of Dominica and Cuba between the Ministry of Public Health of the Cuba...

Cubans have made lining up a lucrative profession

The long lines outside the stores are the result of the critical condition of the merchandise

Venezuela to manufacture 2 million doses of Cuban COVID-19 vaccine

President Nicolas Maduro said that Venezuela would produce 2 million doses per month of Cuban coronavirus vaccine

India no longer to assist in vaccine requirements of the Caribbean

Indian government break step leads to a big problem for the Caribbean countries, which got more than 400,000 vaccines as a gift from the government and people of India. 

Cuban vaccine enters third phase trials

Cuba will apply experimental Covid-19 doses to nearly the whole population of the capital Havana by May 2021 as health authorities carry out extensive interventional studies and late-stage trials, officials said on Tuesday.

Does soul remain near body even after death? know complete fact

Death is a truth that everyone faces. But man always tries to run away from this truth. But some people have faced death, but after some time, their life is returned to their body again.

Cuba warns Colombia of possible ELN rebel attack

The Caribbean Island country Cuba has warned that rebels from Colombia’s National Liberation Army (ELN) may be preparing an attack on Bogota, the Colombian defense minister said on Monday.

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