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Cyber specialists fear hackers may target hospitals

German hospitals could be at greater risk from hackers, the head of the country's cybersecurity agency said on Saturday

President of France Emmanuel Macron tests positive for COVID-19

President of France Emmanuel Macron tested positive for Covid 19." The President examined positive for COVID-19 today (Thursday)," the French Presidency said in a statement.

YouTube introduced a new feature that will warn users when they post offensive comments

World : As threats and vulgarity are increasing on social media sites, YouTube has introduced a new feature that will notify users when they post...

How the massacre at Vukovar still casts a long shadow

In his seminal book on the wars on Yugoslavia, British journalist Misha Glenny reports reaching the outskirts of the Croatian city of Vukovar on...

Nagorno-Karabakh truce: Residents face an unclear future

Russian officers have begun what is set to display a 5-year-peacekeeping mission in and about the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Lachin resident Valya Yegiazaryan says she...

Paris and Zurich become world’s most expensive cities to live after COVID-19

Paris and Zurich have entered with Hong Kong to become the costliest cities in the society as the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the prices...

Head of US government agency under pressure to let presidential transition proceed

The head of an unaccountable federal agency that is taking up the presidential turn knew on the Election Day that it might soon have...

North Macedonia accession discussion faces new hurdles from Bulgaria

A dispute over Goce Delchev, a political hero in both Bulgaria and North Macedonia, typifies a variety of conflicts threatening to stall Skopje's investment...

5 tests positive for COVID-19 at World Health Organization’s headquarters

The WHO has reported 65 cases of the coronavirus amongst staff based at its headquarters, including five individuals who worked on the bases and...

Hungary and Poland block EU’s COVID-19 recovery package

Hungary and Poland have declined the EU's trillion-euro coronavirus recovery package because they oppose joining access to Brussels cash. Hungarian government spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs said...

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Commodore Gorman becomes first female Chief of Defence Force in Jamaica

Three senior Jamaican Defence Force commanders were interviewed for their job

Antigua and Barbuda: 3 workers union starts legally opposing new vaccine mandate policy

The Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association had filed this lawsuit

Marigot Hospital built by MMCE to become milestone in Dominica healthcare development

MMCE had come up as an organisation that is committed to its work and project assigned

St Kitts and Nevis records 38 new COVID-19 cases

According to the updation, there are 761 people who have quarantined themselves at their residence

Trinidad and Tobago records 285 new COVID-19 cases

470,075 people have been fully vaccinated on the island