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Fatal dormitory fire in Guyana kills 19 including a 5 year old boy

Mahdia Secondary School dormitory of Guyana was engulfed in flames, killing 19 students and injuring an undetermined more by the time it was extinguished.

Grenada: Two men charged with Burglary, Robbery and Rape, woman accused of hurting minor 

The men appeared at St. David Magistrate's Court today and were remanded until tomorrow, January 12th, 2023.

Trinidad and Tobago: JP grants bail to two men and woman money launderers in sum of $2.1m

Two men and a woman, charged with a total of 67 counts of Money Laundering, were granted bail totalling $2.1 million dollars by a Justice of the Peace (JP).

Trinidad and Tobago: Police arrests two men over possession of firearms 

Two men are due to appear at the Arima Magistrate's Court on Thursday, 1st September 2022, after they were charged with several firearm possession charges.

Trinidad and Tobago: Court grants $350k bail to father for cruelty to own child, wife 

According to the bail condition, the man must stay 100 meters away from the victims and must not have any communication with them, whether directly or indirectly.

Guyana: Businessman murders 28-year-old housewife, inquiry discloses their common-law relationship

The suspect is a 36-year-old Businessman of the said address. The scene was visited on 27-08-2022 at about 23:40 hrs by a party of policemen.

Guyana police arrest taxi driver over illegal possession of 38 revolvers, five rounds of ammunition

A 38-year-old taxi driver of 'B' Field, Sophia, was yesterday (Tuesday, August 22) arrested after he was busted by police ranks with an unlicensed .38 revolver, five matching rounds of ammunition and a spent shell.

Jamaica police seize firearms, investigation underway

Around 38 revolvers on Georgianna Close in Vineyard Town, Kingston, has been seized by the police force of Jamaica. On Sunday, August 21, 2022, a team of officers of Elletson Road Police conducted operations in the community. 

Trinidad and Tobago: Police seize AR-15 rifle, one shotgun and 7 guns, arrest seven

Trinidad and Tobago: An AR-15 rifle, a shotgun and seven firearms were seized by the police official of Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday, May 1,...

Belize: Indian national Ramandeep shot three times to death

An Indian national has been shot to death in the district by unidentified assailant. As per the reports of the police authorities of Belize, the victim and his husband told that she was shot by the shooter for at least three times.

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