Brutal killing: 34-year-old man found beaten, shot dead in Trinidad

A 34-year-old man was found shot dead after severe beating at his home on Saturday, 16 December in Fyzabad, trinidad.

Man found beaten and shot to death in Fyzabad. Image Credit: Facebook, Hot Off
Man found beaten and shot to death in Fyzabad. Image Credit: Facebook, Hot Off "D" Press

Trinidad and Tobago: A 34-year-old man was found beaten and shot to death at his home on Saturday, 16 December. The victim, identified as Kezlon Martin, also known as Beak, was a laborer residing in John Jules Trace, Fyzabad, a town in southwestern Trinidad.

As per the reports, the incident was noticed early in the morning, around 5:00 am, by Martin’s brother, who lives close to him in the neighbourhood.

The brother heard the noise of some kind of explosion around 2:30 am, but at that time, he didn’t bother much.

It was in the morning when he got concerned, and he tried to contact him, but no call was answered, and finally, he went to Martin’s home, where the door of his home remained closed.

Martin’s brother, in full of fear, immediately called the Fyzabad Police Station seeking help. Around 7:35 am, two police officers visited the place of the incident in response to the report.

Officers peeked inside the house through windows to observe the situation, and they saw the dead body of Martin lying on the ground, bleeding from the gunshot wounds near his bedroom.

The police gained access immediately and went inside the home to carry out an investigation and collect evidence from the crime scene. By the examination of the body, it was found that the victim was not just shot but also beaten brutally before getting killed.

The condition of the house gave a hint about the level of brutality that happened inside with the victim while police officers collected several spent bullet shells from the scene.

The last such case was seen in Fyzabad on 3 October 2023. In that case, the decomposed body of an unidentified man was found behind the Fyzabad Presbyterian School.

The communities of Faizabad were still recovering from the last incident, but now the recent case increased the tension for the safety and security of the area.

The Fyzabad Police Department asked everyone in the community to come out if they got any information about the case and cooperate with police officers to take the investigation in the right direction.

The investigation is consistently ongoing on the case of Kezlon Martin’s death to figure out the motive of the killing and trace the pieces of evidence to get to the suspect and arrest them soon.