Borris Johnson in self-isolation after coming in contact with a COVID- 19 positive person

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has moved into quarantine after coming into contact with someone infected with COVID-19, a Downing Street spokesperson announced on Sunday evening.

The Downing Street spokesperson added that Johnson would remain to work from Downing Street, “including managing the government’s reply to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Johnson announced on Twitter on Monday morning that he is in excellent health and has no symptoms. In an accompanying video, he added that “the good message is that NHS Test and Tracing is going ever more efficiently. The wrong message is that they pinged me.”

He insisted that it “doesn’t matter” that he feels “great” and that he’s had the disease so is “breaking with antibodies”, he still needed to self-isolate.

“We’ve got to prevent the scope of the disease and one of the ways we can do that now if by self-isolating for 14 days when you get treated by NHS Test and Trace, and I do it with a high heart, full of faith and trust,” the Prime Minister said.

“We not only have this system for interrupting the communication of COVID-19 but we also now have two huge boxing gloves with which to beat our foe into submission: mass lateral flow testing — rapid turn around testing of a kind that this country is heading the way, we’ve got tens of millions of these tests already — and, of course, the promise of a vaccine which I hope we’ll be able to start distributing to those who need it, perhaps even before Christmas,” he added.

Johnson met with a small group of administrators for about half an hour on Thursday, including one who consequently developed coronavirus symptoms and tested positive.

Officials said they would consult with parliamentary authorities how Johnson can take part remotely in parliament proceedings.