Bob Marley’s film premieres in Jamaica, Prince Harry attends with wife Meghan

The premier of Renowned singer and actor Bob Marley’s “One Love” film took place in Jamaica last night.

Bob Marley’s film premiered in Jamaica, Prince Harry with wife attends
Bob Marley’s film premiered in Jamaica, Prince Harry with wife attends

Jamaica: The premier of Renowned singer and actor Bob Marley’s “One Love” film took place in Jamaica, last night. Several celebrities and political elites, including British Prince Harry Windsor and his wife Meghan, also attended the event.

The premier was held at Carib 5 theatre in Kingston, and social media has been flooded with positive reactions from Netizens. They added that they will surely be watching the film as Bob Marley is amazing. One of them said, ”I know this will hit the box office really big; I can’t wait to see the movie.”

Besides this, Netizens also lauded Prince Harry for his appearance at the premiere and added that they were surprised as he is far from racism and loves black people. They appreciated Prince Harry and his wife for showing support for Bob Marley and his upcoming movie.

Bob Marley One Love
Bob Marley’s One Love

One of the citizens added,” We can put on a spectacular Premier like any Country in this World Congratulations to the Marleys Famiky and their Team Well done.”

When Zimbabwe became independent in 1980, Bob Marley was invited to be the main musical act at the celebrations and handover from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was named Rhodesia after Cecil John Rhodes, the capitalist and imperialist who had authored its colonial journey, he is buried at Matopos outside Bulawayo.

So Bob Marley had released and dedicated to the liberation of Zimbabwe a massive hit song, also called Zimbabwe from his Survival album. He paid his way to Harare by chartering a Boeing 707 from Gatwick airport to carry his musical equipment from London to Harare, whilst making his way on commercial flights from Kingston Jamaica, all paid for from his own pocket.

As he waited for his connection flight in Nairobi, Harry’s father who was then Prince Charles (and now King Charles) saw Marley and called him over to the Diplomatic zone of the airport.

King Charles was flying to Harare to represent his mother, the now-deceased Queen Elizabeth. He was going there to receive the British Union Jack flag, and hand over Zimbabwe to the new administration as an independent State.

Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) had been a self-governing colony which had also rebelled from its British links in 1965 after declaring unilateral independence in 1965, but it reverted to being a British colony in 1979 as part of the handover agreement from being a colony to an independent state.

It had been a self-governing colony since 1923 after a referendum that was held in 1922. The referendum was on whether modern-day Zimbabwe would become part of South Africa. The colonials in Rhodesia voted against being part of South Africa, a very important historical point to this very day.

Now when Charles saw Bob Marley and his entourage of Rastafarian musicians and called him to come over to the Diplomatic area at Jomo Kenyatta International airport, Marley refused, instead Marley asked Charles to come over to them.

Charles didn’t break Diplomatic etiquette, so he simply waved at Marley and his entourage, and the two men never shook hands. 43 years later, Charles’ son, Prince Harry, attended a movie premiere of a film on the life of Bob Marley, a revolutionary icon who used music to change the world’s consciousness about Black people, racism and life in general.

Netizens added that it is fascinating how these historical connections can emerge. Bob Marley’s refusal and Prince Harry’s attendance at the film premiere in Jamaica create interesting reflections on history, time and change.

As Bob Marley sang, it is indeed One Love.

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

From being a revolutionary icon who sang against all the terrible Isms to now also being a global ambassador of unity across different nations and class structures, that is the Bob Marley story.

Bob Marley’s lasting impact on music and social movements globally is enduring and getting stronger everyday.  His music serves as a powerful medium for addressing issues such as social justice, inequality and the quest for freedom.

His influence in popularizing reggae on the international stage and his role in promoting a message of unity and love through his music is unparalleled. This is why Marley’s significance is not only in historical events but also in shaping cultural and social narratives on a broader scale, reflecting the changing world that we live in today.