Belize confirms 51 new cases of COVID-19

Belize: The Ministry of Health and Wellness of Belize has confirmed 51 new cases of Covid-19, with zero COVID related deaths. 

As per the official press releases of Belize,805 tests were done in the last two days, from which 51 people tests positive and 751 tested negative. 

The country also records 6.36 positivity per 2 days, with 44 new recoveries. Two hundred twenty-eight are under investigation, and the recovery rate of the country is 92.4 percentage. 

Two infected are In the Intensive Care Unit, and the case fatality rate is 2.43 percentage says the Press release. 

Health Ministry notified that 24 females and 27 males tested positive for the deadly coronavirus, and if we see in the recoveries, then 22 females and 22 males recovered in the last two days. 

Ministry states that we have done 65731 corona tests to the date, with a 20.2 overall positivity rate. 

The Ministry of Health and Wellness continues to remind the public to wear a face mask properly, maintain consistent physical distancing, avoid social gatherings, and wash and sanitize hands often.

Press releases also urged people to be safe and stay at home unless conducting essential business.

As many countries worldwide start the vaccination process against this virus, everyone is hoping for some positive testimony from the vaccines. 

Till, that WHO has pleaded people to follow all health measures strictly, as this virus is enigmatic for the world. 

A resident of Belize, Karina, said,” Corozal and Orange Walk is doing tremendous. They need to lockdown City and Cayo to get the same results. Can you please show active cases per district too?”

 “Population larger, so it might not be an issue. Up north, lots of people are not checking with doctors or availing themselves of the rapid screening, and that in itself will only pick up asymptomatic cases. It’s only when they can not cope, they go to the hospital or polyclinics. Remember lots of people commute to and from the other districts into Belize City and its environs daily.” Karl replied to Karina. 

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