Barbados receives final batch of 33,600 vaccines from COVAX facility

Barbados received 33,600 doses of COVID19 vaccines from the COVAX Facility. With third shipment, Barbados has received total 100,800 vaccines through COVAX.

Barbados: As Barbados received another batch of 33,600 Oxford Astra-Zeneca (Covishield) vaccines in its ‘arsenal’ to fight the COVID-19 virus from COVAX facility, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley revealed that over 2,300 Barbadians were inoculated on Monday.

PM Mottley said since Astra-Zeneca is available again, people now have a choice of three vaccines, and they acted by going to the vaccination centers to be vaccinated.

After receiving the third and final delivery of 33,600 vaccines under the COVAX facility, the prime minister made the comments at Grantley Adams International Airport. She told those present that she started talking to unvaccinated workers yesterday and that she would meet with additional groups today.

She again appealed to the Barbadians to stay on their guard, saying it was necessary to defeat the virus. However, she reminded the public that masks, disinfection, and physical distance were also needed with vaccination.

She further added that Jeffrey [Bostic] calls the word fatigue because we can get tired of things as humans. But those who grew tired of staying on guard in World War II have unfortunately become statistics, to whom we honour every tribute.

“Those who got tired of keeping their guard in the Spanish flu have unfortunately become statistics. I can only encourage the people of this nation, just as I encourage the people of this region and the people of the world to accept what our role really is in the fight against this awful pandemic,” she said.

She also thanked the various partners who helped Barbados receive the 100,800 vaccines, which came in three parts, PM Mottley said the only way to combat variants more fiercely than the Delta was to ensure there is equitable access to vaccines urgently, from Africa to Latin America to Asia to the Caribbean to all over the world.

She emphasised that there will always be countries, regardless of whether the war is torn apart, whether it is dominated by impoverishment and the absence of development, which will always need our support. “I pray for the fair approach to the delivery of vaccines to mankind so that we can go beyond the other battles and other pandemics, whether it be among cattle or people lying before us.”

Meanwhile, the prime minister announced that she had asked the Minister of Agriculture, Indar Weir, to speak to the country about the African swine flu, which had been identified in the Dominican Republic.

“The Afrikaans swine flu is now in our region. On the 29th of July of this year, the Dominican Republic recorded its presence there. We all know who did the swine flu, and how it wiped out pigs, from a country as large as China to a few European countries to other countries around the world.

“It’s going to mean we have to take proactive measures, and that may not mean anything to you, but it’s to me because we were at a similar moment in January 2020. And when others were not willing to listen and watch and to plan, we made a decision, and I thank my Minister of Health, and all the officials of Barbados, that we were able to can plan,” she said.

PM Mia Mottley thanked the representatives of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, the United States of America, the United Nations institutions and PAHO and the WHO for the assistance provided to Barbados.