Barbados Parliament ready for republican status

Barbados Parliament ready for republican status
Barbados Parliament ready for republican status

Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Amor Mottley indicated that the majority of the people of the island and diaspora have been giving their decision towards the transition of Barbados to a parliamentary republic.

Despite declaring full support for the impending status, opposition leader, Bishop Joseph Atherley, raised concerns over the legality of the Government’s intended move.

Voting with a margin of 25-0 has been done in parliament in favour of the amendment of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill. This bill is to bring the republican status into effect on November 30.

Prime Minister Mottley told legislators that her Government has not been hasting towards republicanism and that talks regarding the change began more than two decades ago.

PM Mottley said, “There can be no rush, therefore, about this Act. This Act has taken long in coming, and if we go back, we agreed that there are aspects that are certainly worthy of consultation, and that is the majority of the work that relates to the Constitution, we get that, and we are committed to that.”

During the discussion, the opposition leader Atherley also highlighted the concerns over the legality of the Government’s planned move towards republican status, despite declaring full support for that plan.

Opposition leader Atherly called some of the legal professionals and reported that the ways seem to be unlawful through which the Government is moving towards the transition of the Government from realm to a republic.

Atherley said he was not attacking the Government but merely wanted the transition to republican status to be done the right way.

Atherley said, “Beyond the constitutional and legal arguments, it is a bad moment with COVID. It is not the right moment. We do not know what next year will bring, we may still be faced down with COVID. I would prefer to believe that by the middle of next year this thing would be gone.”