Barbados hosts Equestrian Association’s Show Jumping, know winners

Lena Tempro who is 15 years old, Naiya Hinds who is 15 years od and Becky Kent who is 17 years old were awarded with several awards.

Barbados hosts Equestrain Association’s Show Jumping, know winners
Barbados hosts Equestrain Association’s Show Jumping, know winners

Barbados: Barbados hosted the Equestrian Association’s Show Jumping last week at the Polo Club with several matches. Several athletes from different schools were awarded prizes and trophies for different categories.

Lena Tempro and Naiya Hinds are 15 years old, and Becky Kent who is 17 years old were awarded several awards.

Barbados Children Directory added,”When the Barbados Equestrian Association’s (BEA) Show Jumping prizegiving ceremony was held last week at the Barbados Polo Club, Lena Tempro 15, Naiya Hinds 15 and Becky Kent 17 were among the top prize winners.”

Tempro stormed the 1.10m category championship and also took the ‘Most Outstanding Junior’ award and the trophy for the Barbados leg of the International Equestrian (FEI) Jumping Challenge. She also competed on the CEA Regional Show Jumping Team (1.06m) when Barbados won the gold medal.

Naiya Hinds won the award in the 1.00m category, while 17-year-old Becky Kent emerged as the 2023 ‘Most Outstanding Adult Show Jumper’ based on points earned in 2023 and having won the 0.90m annual championship.

Caia Hoyos emerged as the victorious adult in the 0.80m and Zachary Pitcher was the top junior in the same category. Erin Skinner, Kai Cooke- Johnson and Kaitlyn Haloute took the top Junior prizes at 0.70m, 0.60m and 0.50m respectively.

The ‘Best Sportsmanship Award’ went to Imogen Hutchinson.

Last year, Sahara Whittacker and Catherine Myteberi emerged as the two mini-championships in Show Jumping for 2022. The award ceremony was held on January 26, 2023. Besides this, Erin Skinner secured both reserve championships, which included their mini-champion counterparts such as Jessie Galbraith, Jonathan Filardo, Vivienne Kissoon, Emily Dickson and Lily Follows.

Notably, Lena Tempro also secured victory in the show jumping, and she took the coveted Jean Ray Trophy for Outstanding Jumper for her 1.00 championships. Along with that, Hinds was awarded the Most Improved Junior Jumper for winning the 0.90m Championship on Lipstick.