Barbados DLP party celebrates its 66th Anniversary

Democratic Labour Party of the Barbados Caribbean island is celebrating its 66th Anniversary.

Barbados: Democratic Labour Party of the Barbados Caribbean island is celebrating its 66th Anniversary.

On its 66th Anniversary, DLP gave a heartfelt message to its supporters and stated, “Celebrating the 66th Anniversary of the formation of the Democratic Labour Party, fighting for a just society since 1955. Happy 66th Anniversary to the supporters and members of the Democratic Labour Party.”

Democratic Labour Party was established in 1955 by Errol Barrow, James Cameron Tudor, Frederick Smith and others. 

DLP got split away from the BLP- Barbados Labour Party, which Mia Amor Mottley now leads. Democratic Labour Party works on the ideology of- social democracy, Democratic socialism and Republicanism.  

Verla De Peiza is the current president of DLP. Democratic Labour Party is widely considered as a centre-left social democratic party.

In the general elections of 1956, DLP received 19.9% of the votes and won four seats. In the following elections of 1961, DLP received fewer votes than the BLP but won the majority in the Parliament, with Errol Barrow becoming the nation’s head. 

After DLP hang on to power in the elections of 1966. Errol Barrow became the country’s first Prime Minister. Then again, the party won a third successive election of 1971 but lost power to the BLP in 1976. 

The party remained in opposition until victory in the elections of 1986, in which it won 24 of the 27 seats. DLP remained in power following the elections of 1991 but lost to Barbados Labour Party in 1994. 

DLP regained its power in the 2008 elections when the DLP leader David Thompson became the Prime Minister of Barbados. In the elections of 2018, DLP lost all of its MP’s.

Recently DLP was in the news as the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) was being warned that if it wishes to remain pertinent and seen as a favourable choice to Barbadians in the upcoming elections, DLP must come to terms with missteps taken by the previous administration, or face a similar fate.