Bangkok pizza company selling pizza with “cannabis topping”

Bangkok pizza company selling pizza with
Bangkok pizza company selling pizza with "cannabis topping"

The Pizza Company in Bangkok received an order for the new special pizza, after which staff prepared a pizza with a topping of cannabis instead of ingredients like cheese, tomato and olives.

Now, this Thai restaurant chain is getting famous with this latest menu of cannabis pizza.

After the Thailand government relaxed their narcotics laws, other several restaurants became competitors of this restaurant.

It’s for the first time any mainstream company has brought cannabis to its menu. Thailand had stringent restrictions on cannabis in this earlier year which has been loosened now and permitted the controlled use of the plant in food and drink.

The Pizza Company’s response was to roll out this 9-inch concoction. The “Crazy Happy Pizza” sells at 499 baht ($14.92 US) at all its 400 or so outlets.

The pizza will have cannabis-infused cheese on the crust, cannabis stuffed inside, and other big leaves will be used as the garnishing at the top. There’s also chopped cannabis in the dipping sauce.

The firm’s general manager Panusak Suesatboon said, “Of course they cannot get high, it’s just a marketing campaign. You can taste the cannabis taste, and then if you have it enough, you maybe get a bit sleepy.”

Though the narcotics laws are lenient by the government where the company can not advertise anywhere else but only on their menus, and they can’t sell it to anyone under the age of 12.