Armed man shot by police for threatening people in Arima

Police recovered a firearm after shooting 33-year-old man in an encounter on the noon of Saturday, 6 January, along Guanapo Road in Arima.

A man lost his life after a fatal shooting in Saint James. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
Taxi driver Sherwin Findley died in Barataria shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: Police officers recovered a firearm after shooting a 33-year-old man who lives in Arima in an encounter on the noon of Saturday, 6 January, along Guanapo Road in Arima, a town in Trinidad.

It is been said the man was allegedly exposing a firearm in a crowded public place, which became the reason for a threat to the life among the people around.

As per the statement of the police department, it was around 11:55 am when the police officers from the Highway Patrol Branch were on their regular mobile patrol when they observed the incident.

The officers were proceeding along Guanapo Road, and near the vicinity of the bridge west of Pinto Road, they were approached by a group of people who informed them about the incident.

Straight after getting the information of the suspect armed with a firearm running along the roadway and threatening everyone in the public place, officers took charge and went towards him.

On the scene, police officers witnessed the suspect running with a firearm in his hand.

The police came out of the police vehicle and announced their presence on the scene. They addressed the suspect with a firearm and asked him to surrender.

In response, the suspect pointed the firearm against the police officers. For self-protection, one of the police officers took his gun and fired at the suspect with the intention to get him injured so that the situation could come under control.

It is mentioned by the police department that the action of the police officers on the scene was under the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service use of Force policy.

After getting shot, the suspect immediately fell on the ground. Straight after, the police officers seized the firearm from the suspect, which was loaded with the magazine, and neutralised the situation.

It was observed that the suspect was not dead due to the shot by the officer but just got injured by the gunshot and bleeding from the wound.

The police officers instantly transferred the suspect to the Arima Health Facility for medical treatment.

It is been said that the suspect is out of danger now but still in critical condition and under medical observation.

The people of the region are appreciating the bravery and approach of the police officers towards their duty.

People are saying, “After a long time, I think we’ve seen such dedication by our police department. Otherwise, there were just failures we saw. I hope our brave officers get more power and they keep on doing such things forever.”

People also said, “Police should be like this only and criminals must not be spared. This is only how we can make our society safer. Good work officers.”