Antigua witnesses arrival of two cruises at same time

Cruises at Antigua, credits to Antigua cruise port Facebook page
Cruises at Antigua, credits to Antigua cruise port Facebook page

Antigua and Barbuda: The country welcomes two vessels at same time for the first time at Antigua Cruise Port.

The cruise from the Arvia of P&O Cruises and Emerald Sakara homeported Antigua.

Considerably, Arvia docked at fifth berth whereas, Emerald Sakara at Nevis Street Pier.

Emerald Sakara will give twelve more cruise calls to the country.

This season, the country of Antigua witnessed itinerary, having four cruises docked at the country at the beginning of this cruise season.

As Marella Discovery and Artinia docked at Heritage Quay, completed the dock of four cruises in the region.

The arrival of Arvia of P&O cruises is the first of all the nine visits in the country for the year 2023 and 24.

This Thursday, Explora ported at the Nevis Street Pier which brought up more than 450 passengers to the region.

Also, explora will give six more arrivals to the country in this cruise season. 

The cruise season brings extended tourism to the country through the passengers and the cruise season is widely known for bringing up the tourism to the country.

Moreover, about 13 cruises marked their existence in the month of September along with the huge count of passengers traveling in them and names to them are:

  • National Geographic Explorer with 112 passengers
  • Jewel of the Seas with 2501 passengers
  • Zaandam with 1838 passengers
  • VISTA with 1321 passengers
  • The World with 699 passengers
  • AMERA with 913 passengers
  • Ocean Nova with 100 passengers
  • Ambience with 798 passengers
  • Seabourn Quest with 462 passengers
  • Aurora with 1950 passengers
  • Europa with 408 passengers

This way every year, a huge number of the tourists give their existence to the region. They come and explore the nation.

Simultaneously, this even leads to attract more tourists to the country and increases the worth of the place.