Antigua and Barbuda Football Association announces standings of teams and players

Antigua and Barbuda Football Association has announced the standings of teams and players in first and second division matches.

Antigua and Barbuda Football Association

Antigua and Barbuda Football Association has announced the First division standings, Top Goal Scorers in the first Division, Second division standings, and Top Goal scorers in the second division.

First division standings

Five Island FC secured the first position with 22 points, followed by Potters Tigers FC in second with 18 points, Attacking Saints in third with 17 Points, and Police FC in fourth with 15 points.

The Top Goal Scorers of ABFA in the First Division

Ezekiel Thomas from Fort Road FC has achieved 1 position with 6 goals, along with Ordel Samuel from Potters Tigers FC, who has 6 goals.

Jamal Joseph from Five Island FC, Taiem Tonge from Bolans FC, Joshua Samuel and Jaheim Jeremy are the 4 players that share the 2nd position with 5 goals each.

Keon Greene from Potters Tigers, Juan Malenciano Jr from Lion Hill FC , Zavier Joseph from Young Lions FC , Jahquan Davis from Police FC and Renford Harris from Lion Hills share the 3rd position with 4 goals each.

Second division standing

Freemansville Scorpions stand at 1st position with 21 points, Bethesda FC at 2nd with 19 points, followed by Earthquake FC at 3rd with 16 points and Belmont FC at 4th with 16 points.

Top Goal scorers of ABFA in the second division

O’Shale Simon from Bethesda FC is the top scorer with 18 goals, followed by Jahvier Joseph from Belmont FC, who is second with 14 goals; Jaheim Grant from TAMO FC, who is third with 12 Goals; and Joumol Semper from Earthquakes FC, who is fourth with 10 goals.

Chunsae Martin from Bethesda FC, Kahlique Kellman from Freemans Village Scorpions, Raheim Andre from Earthquakes FC, Markland Wright from Sea View Farm FC and Oshane Blackwood from English Harbour FC share the 5th position with 8 goals each.

Roy Gregory from Freemans Village Scorpions and Shumba Thomas from Earthquake FC share the sixth position with six goals each.