Anthony states Minibus drivers suffers COVID protcols impact, donates sanitizers

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Ramanjot Kaur

Saint Lucia: The Former Prime Minister of Saint Lucia – Dr Kenny D Anthony, has stated that the drivers of the minibuses are undergoing the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the protocols that are implemented by the government of St Lucia.

Anthony stated that a few people are travelling as thousands are unemployed, and various institutions of St Lucia have maintained a rotation system resulting in which minibuses carry fewer passengers.

With this, to support controlling the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all the passengers must have to wear masks and have to sanitize their hands upon entry.

Anthony informed that last week he met minibus drivers in Vieux-Fort and added that drivers bawl the lack of discussion and support from government officials, whereas many are struggling to meet their financial commitments.

“They wish to have an opportunity to bring their situation to the decision-makers so that adjustments can be made if required. Our minibus drivers believe they are not being heard,” he cited.

Adding to his statement, he cited that “The truth is, as an opposition parliamentarian, the all I can do is to advocate on their behalf and help them balance operation costs where psanitiserFor this reason, there was no hesitation when a request was made by the Route 4C Minibus association for a donation to help offset the costs of dispensers and hand sanitiser.”

On providing the donation of dispensers and hand sanitisers to minibus drivers who service multiple routes in Vieux-Fort South, the former prime minister expressed his delight and satisfaction.

He stated, “It was my pleasure to make a donation to these bus drivers. I hope it goes a long route in helping control the spread of the coronavirus, and I hope the authorities would return on the situation of this significant sector of our society.”

Anthony further reminded the government that the small businesses and locals also need assistance in this crucial time of the pandemic, and it must review the strategies to assure that they are effective and to guarantee that one sector is not carrying an undue burden as the island sails through these difficult times.

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