Another shooting injures 43-year-old in San Fernando

Another shooting by unknown on Monday, 11 March, injured a 43-year-old man near Foreplay Hotel in San Fernando city.

Accused of double murder killed in Essequibo police encounter. Image Credit: Facebook, Guyana Police Force
Accused of double murder killed in Essequibo police encounter. Image Credit: Facebook, Guyana Police Force

Trinidad and Tobago: One more act of shooting is added to the police records on Monday, 11 March, after the attack on a 43-year-old man around 7:45 pm by an unknown assailant near Foreplay Hotel in San Fernando city. It is said that the attack was for someone named Johnson for whom the culprit was looking for.

The possibility under the focus is also that the attack was pre-planned and was a conspiracy, assumed to kill him which probably failed, against the victim to ambush him at the place of crime in San Fernando, a city along the western coast of Trinidad.

Rasheed Rambally is the disclosed name of the injured victim who comes from Seemungal Trace along Penal Road in Penal, a town in the southern part of Trinidad. The victim operates a tow truck and earns from his profession of moving vehicles.

On the evening of the day of the attack, Rasheed Rambally received a call from the location for work which was to move a vehicle along Bertrand Street which he accepted and went for the service.

Things became suspicious after Rasheed Rambally arrived at the location to tow the vehicle, but he learned that no one had ever called him for help. He heard that from the vehicle’s owner, whom he met at the location and informed about his arrival.

The moment both men were discussing the issue, a random man in an aggressive mood approached and entered the scene. The suspect was carrying a gun which threatened both, the victim and another man.

The suspect asked both of them, who is Johnson?, in response of which they responded that they were not the one and didn’t even know anything about the individual he was looking for. At the same moment, the suspect started firing in which two bullets penetrated Rasheed’s right shoulder and right side lower abdomen of Rasheed.

The suspect who fled from the crime scene is now wanted by the police department. The investigation is active in the San Fernando shooting case and the officers are searching for the culprit and also collecting information through inquiries.

From the crime scene, the local police department collected the spent shells of 9mm calibre with other traces of evidence. The manhunt operation is active by a team of police officers under the guidance of PC Gosine.

The victim, Rasheed Rambally was reported in stable condition after the treatment in the San Fernando General Hospital. He was conveyed to the hospital for medical attention straight after the attack.