Amit Shivkumar Telang appointed new Indian HC to Guyana

Amit Shivkumar Telang has been appointed the new High Commissioner of India to Guyana on October 27, 2023

Amit Shivkumar Telang appointed new Indian HC to Guyana

Guyana: Amit Shivkumar Telang has been appointed the new High Commissioner of India to Guyana on October 27, 2023.

In a ceremony in Guyana, President Irfaan Ali accepted his Letter of Credence and welcomed him to the position of High Commissioner.

The appointment of Shivkumar Telang as HC was announced by the Ministry of External Affairs of India on September 5, 2023. At the time, he served as the Consul General at the Consulate General of India in Frankfurt, Germany.

Now, he will take up the new assignments in Guyana as the high commissioner.  During his appointment, Telang expressed pleasure and showcased his commitment to serving the nation.

He said it would be an honour to represent India in Guyana after fulfilling a three-year stint in Germany.

Telang asserted that Guyana is the most important friend of India with whom they share historical links and warm cultural similarities.

While expressing excitement, the Indian Ambassador said the relations between the two countries would be enhanced and flourish with innovative ideas.

President Irfaan Ali also showed his confidence in the new appointment and said he is looking to strengthen the relations between Guyana and India.

Background of Amit Shivkumar Telang

Amit Shivkumar Telang studied medicine in India and started his career as a Medical Officer. He also served as the Lecturuer for some period of time as he later joined government service.

As a government official, he first served his duty in the Indian Revenu Service in 2004 and later in the Indian Foreign Service in 2005.

While moving into the diplomatic field, he provided service as Head of the Political Wing of the Indian Embassy in Berlin and as the Head of the Economic and Commercial Wing of the Indian Embassy in Moscow, Russia.

He worked in the External Publicity Division, Administration Division and East Asia Division in the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi, India.

From July 2020 to September 2023, he held the position of Consul General in Germany.

Appointment as High Commissioner

Notably, Dr Amit Shivkumar Telang replaced Dr KJ Srinivasa, who served as the High Commissioner of India to Guyana from 2019 to August 2023. However, the reason behind the replacement has not been determined by the authorities.

Many have predicted that there might be a lack of proper functioning on the part of the Dr Srinivasa, which has caused the replacement. As per some reports, people expressed their disappointment over the Commission’s inability to resolve their issues.

There are speculations that Dr KJ Srinivasa was replaced following multiple complaints against him. Writeups24 has reported some misconduct by the former Indian Ambassador to Guyana, resulting in his removal as the Indian Ambassador to Guyana.

Besides this, it is believed that some sort of dissatisfaction has also been discovered among the Indian diaspora residing in Guyana about the working of the former Indian High Commissioner.

The new appointment of Dr Telang to the High Commission of Guyana to India has sparked new hopes in the hearts of the people. It is pointed out that the Indian diaspora has expressed pleasure and excitement with a new appointment.

As per the reports, Dr Telang pledged to build smooth functioning and communication channels with the Indian diaspora. The Indian diaspora showed their confidence in the diplomat and sought effective management of the operations at the HC.