Agro sector’s innovations open new career options for Jamaicans

Agro sector's innovations open new career options for Jamaicans
Agro sector's innovations open new career options for Jamaicans

New careers are being planned to get open in the field of agriculture. These opportunities emerge due to the new innovations in the agricultural sector. This statement was given by Dr Norman Dunn, State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce.

Minister Dunn said, “Innovation has always played an important role in agriculture…. As agriculture and industry transform due to Innovation in technology, so will the agriculture-related jobs. The scope of agriculture-related job creation will shift beyond the farm.”

On October 14, he was addressing the opening ceremony of the Conversations Canada Series: Emerging Careers.

While addressing the ceremony, Dr Dunn said that the agricultural sector in future would experience a high productivity rate along with high competitiveness. This is the result of the innovation in the agricultural practices in the country.

While noting about the increasing use of the applications along with the newly emerged technologies in the country. The education sector, as well as the training sector, must advance at the same speed that of the varying technologies. Among the new and emerging fields, he noted, are agriculture digitisation and genetic editing using CRISPR and other genetic tools.

Dr Dunn said, “We have to continue and consider education and training to ensure labour force readiness and adaptability, as the future of work will be ripe for new opportunities.”

The main area of focus during the ‘Conversations Canada’ Series is to show various newly emerging career options in the different sectors. These new options have been occurring after the involvement of the industry in the after situation of the post-COVID-19 world.

It encourages Innovation in Canadian education and training organisations by studying the recent trends, skills and qualifications required in a post-COVID-19 market and conditions.

The three-day virtual experience was arranged on October 14, 20 and 21, and was hosted by the Trade Commissioner Service of the High Commission of Canada to Jamaica.