Affordable housing solutions is a priority of Jamaica govt: PM Holness

Affordable housing solutions is a priority of Jamaica govt: PM Holness
Affordable housing solutions is a priority of Jamaica govt: PM Holness

Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness virtually attended the ceremony of the Low-Cost Housing Design competition. During his address, he said that providing affordable housing solutions is a priority of his government.

He stated that the government has a role to stimulate the emergence of a community of thought around building and design in Jamaica.

PM Holness highlighted the importance of active participation by the local stakeholders in the construction sector for developing housing solutions that should be cost-effective, innovative, and affordable for Jamaicans. The government will be organising the talks on innovative building design technologies and implementing the changes in the future development of housing solutions. 

PM Holness said, “We are hoping that with these designs, we could use them to influence persons when they are making their construction decisions…When the government is going to build, we will have these designs as templates that we can use.”

On Tuesday, November 23, PM Holness addressed the Low-Cost Housing Design competition virtual award ceremony. This competition was started on May 7, mainly focusing on encouraging professional skills among the stakeholders to provide possible solutions. 

The government urged the local architects, builders, engineers and students from the built environment to participate in the competitions so that government should get a variation in cost-effective, climate-resilient and sustainable designs for the housing solutions expected to be built under the New Social Housing Programme.

According to the statements, there were 300 submissions from different people and teams. 

Prize money for:

  • 1st position- $1 million
  • 2nd position- $500,000
  • 3rd-placed runners up-$250,000

Respectively for each of the competition’s four design categories: one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms and multi-family units.

The winners have also been announced of this competition in the following categories:

  1. Richard Gazader was awarded for the design of the one-bedroom design.
  2. Zane Finnikin for the two-bedroom design
  3. Fitzroy McIntosh for the three-bedroom and Matandara Clarke Architects for the multi-family unit.


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