Accused charged in Belmont murder case by High Court

38-year-old man charged with multiple offences High Court on 21 March for a murder case of Belmont on 1 January.

Bail denied for accused in ammunition possession case of Portmore. Image Credit: Facebook, Kashmir News Trust
Bail denied for accused in ammunition possession case of Portmore. Image Credit: Facebook, Kashmir News Trust

Trinidad and Tobago: A 38-year-old man is now charged with multiple offences during his appearance in front of Master Shabana Shah in High Court on Thursday, 21 March, in a murder case of Belmont, a locality in Port of Spain which took place on Monday, 1 January.

The culprit of the murder case is identified with the name of Quesi Mc Cree, commonly known as Conan, who belonged to Upper St Barbs in the Belmont locality of Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago.

The suspect, Quesi Mc Cree, was arrested by the police department on Wednesday, 13 March, by a team of officers from the Eastern Division Gang Unit. The officers were investigating the murder case which led them to the culprit.

On the day of the appearance, the culprit was charged by the Master of the High Court after the hearing against him, and declared him guilty. Roger Gaspard, the Director of Public Prosecutions, pointed out the offences committed by the accused under which the verdict was given.

As per the reports, the incident of the murder of the victim took place on the day of the new year at around 7:00 am, when the man was out along the Upper Belle Eau Road in Belmont. At the location, the suspect went to the place and shot him several times which led to his death on the spot.

The crime was reported by the local people of the neighbourhood who heard the sound of the shooting and immediately informed the police department. The police officers took charge and started the manhunt against the culprit of the murder.

The deceased victim of the murder case in Belmont is identified as a 42-year-old man, whose name was disclosed to be Adunde Telemaque, commonly known as Stem. On the crime scene, police officers recovered the body of the victim which was covered in his own blood flowing from his wounds of gunshot.

The designated medical officers joined the investigation with police officers on the crime scene and examined the body of the victim after which he made his pronouncement. Later, the body was taken from the shooting site for further procedure.

Quesi Mc Cree was arrested and charged with the offences of Possession of a Firearm and Possession of Ammunition, with murder and other related crimes.