About 740 migrants cross ‘English Channel’ in a single day

More migrants arrive in Dover - the day after about 740 people crossed the English Channel in small boats.

UK: More migrants arrive in Dover – the day after about 740 people crossed the English Channel in small boats.

There has been a steady stream of crossings since the weather conditions became more favourable.

The interior office has not yet confirmed how many people made the crossing on Monday, but it is thought to be around 740.

Between 30 and 40 people had already arrived in Dover on Tuesday..

He said: “The first Border Force boat of the day has just arrived in Port of Dover. It looks like it is transporting 30 or 40 migrants who have been picked up.”

On Sunday, 158 people were loaded into four boats, four days after seven more people were “intercepted”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in the House of Commons: “Our friends on the Channel in France have a challenging problem.”

“A large number of people want to come to this country, and we are doing everything in our power to encourage the French to do the necessary and obstruct their way.”

“But I know that the Home Secretary is working all day to ensure that we not only encourage the French to get on their nerves and stop people from taking the trip, but we also use every possible tactic we take to we have at our disposal.”

The Home Office has so far refused to confirm exactly how many people came across the canal yesterday.

But sometimes, it seemed like the border force was pretty overwhelmed.

One person who works at the port of Dover and was involved in the processing of arrivals told me that it is a disorganized chaos as so many people have arrived on the coast of Kent.

Due to the bad weather lately, hundreds of people were in Calais waiting for their chance to get by, helped by the smugglers.

More than 12,600 migrants have made the crossing on more than 500 boats so far this year. Just over 8,400 arrived in 2020.

Dan O’Mahoney, commander of the Clandestine Channel Threat, said: ‘This unacceptable increase in dangerous crossings is being driven by criminal gangs and an increase in illegal migration in Europe.

“We are determined to target the criminals at every level.”