$80,000 reward for clue on Ramkissoon murder in Arima robbery

Ramkissoon, a businessman was murdered in a robbery by six unknown suspects on Friday, 19 January, in Arima.

34-year-old man became victim of chopping attack in Princes Town. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
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Trinidad and Tobago: A reward of $80,000 is offered for the relevant information after a businessman, Ramkissoon, was murdered in a home invasion for robbery by six unknown suspects on Friday, 19 January, in Arima, located in the northern part of Trinidad, around 3:00 am. Two pitbull dogs with the man also got killed in the act.

The deceased victim of a robbery is identified with the name of Richard Ramkissoon, who was the owner of a superstore on Crescent Drive at Mausica Road of D’Abadie in Arima.

As per the reports, the incident of the Arima robbery took place when the victim, Ramkissoon, was sleeping at his home with his female partner and two children at Mausica at nearly 3:00 am.

While they were sleeping, they suddenly heard a strange noise at their home which awakened them. They noticed that six men came inside their house without permission, who were all armed with guns, knives and cutlasses.

The suspects, who were already inside their bedroom, announced a robbery and started assaulting the victim, Ramkissoon while demanding all the valuables and money.

It is mentioned that some suspects also went to the bedroom of the 18-year-old daughter of Ramkissoon, who was tied and gagged before looting the room.

In the robbery of Arima, suspects searched the whole house and took all the valuables, including cash, phones, jewellery, and phones belonging to Ramkissoon and his family. Straight after the robbery, the suspects fled from the place in a vehicle waiting outside for them.

The people living in the neighbourhood noticed the robbery and went for help. The police department was immediately informed about the incident of robbery in Arima at the home of victim Ramkissoon.

In response, the officers from the local police station took charge and went to the place of the incident. After visiting the crime scene, officers confirmed the report and report and took control of the house for early investigations.

The victim of the Arima robbery, Ramkissoon, was instantly transferred to the St Joseph Medical Associate Nursing Home for medical help. After all the efforts of the medical staff, Ramkissoon was not able to survive and was officially declared dead.

In the search around the home, two pitbull dogs were also found dead and belonged to Ramkissoon. It is said that the reason for the death of dogs is eating poisoned meat.

This was not the first incident when Ramkissoon became the victim of a robbery. Before this incident, which took his life, Ramkissoon became the victim of a similar act in the year 2022 on Tuesday, 6 December.

In the previous case, the robbery took place in the yard of his home, where suspects were waiting for his arrival. After Ramkissoon went home, robbers announced the robbery and took thousands of dollars he was carrying with his car, which cost around 400 thousand dollars, with his black Samsung S10+ smartphone.

People of the communities around the Arima, after knowing about the incident of robbery in which Ramkissoon died, are sharing their opinions and panic about the safety and security of the region. This is the third murder recorded in the region of Arima this year till now.

People are saying, “Our police don’t care about the crime rate. Even the people who can afford personal safety are not safe in this place. Why are our authorities so not interested in stopping crime? Sometimes they do work, but mostly we can see the failure.”

The police department is conducting inquiries and investigations to collect clues which can lead to the arrest of the suspect involved in the robbery. People are demanding justice and hoping for the betterment of the family of the victim.

In the nation, the last time such an incident of robbery and home invasion was recorded was on Friday, 7 July 2023. In that case, a 75-year-old victim named Lutchmin Bikram lost his life at the hospital the next day of the attack.