61-year-old man charged with stabbing case in Lionel Town

On 13 February, 61-year-old man got charged in case of a murder of a farmer by stabbing him with kitchen knife on 12 February in Lionel Town.

36-year-old Bellfield farmer bailed in murder case. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
36-year-old Bellfield farmer bailed in murder case. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

Jamaica: A 61-year-old man was arrested and charged by police officers on Tuesday, 13 February in the case of the murder of a farmer by stabbing him with a kitchen knife on Monday, 12 February, around 6:30 pm in Cockpit district of Lionel Town in Clarendon, a parish in the southern part of Jamaica.

The suspect arrested in the stabbing case of Lionel Town is identified with the name of Michael Foster. The deceased farmer who became the victim of a stabbing and lost his life is identified with the name of Boneta Stewart, who was also known as Mikey Mouse and lived in the Cockpit district.

As per the reports, the incident of Lionel Town stabbing the farmer took place on the day at nearly 6:30 pm when the victim and the suspect got involved in an argument which got heated and eventually turned into a crime.

The argument between both the farmer and the suspect escalated and turned into a confrontation and went out of hand when the suspect armed himself with a kitchen knife. The suspect attacked the victim farmer with the kitchen knife, stabbing him multiple times. Straight after the attack on the farmer, the suspect fled from the place.

The incident of stabbing in Lionel Town on a farmer was reported to the police department. In response, the officers from the local police department took charge and went to the place of the incident.

After visiting the crime scene, the police officers confirmed the report and took the area under control to start the investigation. The victim farmer was not able to survive the attack and was officially pronounced dead.

The officers of the police department continued their investigation and went back to the location of the crime on the morning of the next day 13 February at nearly 6:30 am. On the day, the police officers were able to find the suspect of the stabbing attack on a farmer. The police officers arrested the suspect instantly and eventually charged him with relevant offences.

The people of the communities around Lionel Town and the citizens of the nation are sharing their opinions on the case after learning about the incident arrest of the suspect for a stabbing attack on the farmer which took his life.

People are saying, “Look at the age he should be setting some example and guiding the younger generation instead of heading to prison, good luck, too much violence in our beautiful land. He is in for a big surprise inside that jail.”

People also said, “The problem today is that once you have a disagreement with someone they are thinking of killing you. I bet he regrets his action. Sometimes having the last say is by walking away from confrontation.”