57-yr-old surrenders after chopping co-worker in Mayaro

57-year-old Moruga man surrendered by walking into police station in Mayaro for chopping co-worker cutlass on Thursday.

33-year-old man remanded in charge of St Catherine robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
33-year-old man remanded in charge of St Catherine robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: A 57-year-old man surrendered himself to the police by walking into the police station in Mayaro, a town on the eastern coast of Trinidad, in the offence of chopping a co-worker with a cutlass on the night of Thursday, 1st February, around 8:20 pm. The culprit belongs to Moruga, a village on the southern coast of Trinidad.

As per the statement of the Mayaro police, the incident of chopping took place early that day when the man got involved in an argument with his co-worker, which eventually turned into a heated confrontation.

It is mentioned that in the confrontation, the culprit lost his composer, got armed with a cutlass and attacked the victim, chopping him on the left shoulder. Straight after the chopping attack, the culprit went to the Mayaro police station to accept the offence at nearly 8:20 pm.

As per the reports, it is mentioned that a group of co-workers were together on the night at nearly 8:00 pm at a house in Mayaro where the argument took place, which unexpectedly turned into a heated confrontation and caused the incident of chopping.

The culprit who surrendered to Mayaro police was taken under custody, and the report was confirmed by officers after visiting the crime scene. The initial investigation was started by the police officers with the assistance of the culprit man.

The injured victim of the chopping attack by the culprit was immediately taken to the hospital under medical observation for medical treatment. It is said that the victim, after getting the treatment, is out of threat and in a stable condition.

The investigation and inquiries continued by the Mayaro Criminal Investigations Department on the chopping case under the guidance of WPC Ali Ramharack. The officers seized the cutlass used in the chopping attack against the victim.

The people around the island nation and the local residents of Mayaro are sharing their opinions on the case after hearing about the surrender of the culprit man to the police after the chopping attack on the victim.

People are saying, “It is out of an understanding that how a small argument takes shape of a huge conflict that people come out to kill each other. This is very common we see all around. People don’t have good patience now. If you don’t like each other, then just ignore it. Why to get violent? But it is good how that man accepted his fault and went to the police.”

People also said, “We can’t say that man is a criminal. Yes, he attacked someone, but probably he was also under threat; it’s about who hit whom first. We must not support him but we all know how that situations go. He just lost his control and hit the victim without any intention. He didn’t kill the man or half murdered him. Anyhow, he must get the required punishment.”

While the police department is proceeding with the case, people are hoping for the betterment of the victim and demanding police to notice all the factors related to the case and do justice.