49-year-old Supervisor granted bail in Tunapuna assault case

49-year-old Supervisor from Tobago granted bail by Magistrate Indra Ramoo Haynes at Tunapuna Magistrate Court 29 January in case of assault.

Trinidad and Tobago: A 49-year-old man, who is known as a Supervisor from Tobago, was granted bail by Magistrate Indra Ramoo Haynes at the Tunapuna Magistrate Court on Monday, 29 January, in the case of assault and Breach of Protection Order. The incident was disclosed by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service on Thursday, 1 February.

The incident under which the culprit supervisor was charged took place on the evening of Thursday, 25 January, around 8:30 pm when the suspect supervisor and the victim with children were at their home in Tunapuna, a town in the northern part of Trinidad.

As per the reports, the supervisor, on the day with his leather belt, started beating his two children while accusing them of stealing money from his wallet at nearly 8:30 pm. It is mentioned that the victim made attempts to stop the act, in the process of which the victim got hit by a leather belt on the back.

It is said that an argument erupted between the culprit supervisor and the victim, which led to the physical assault, and the supervisor started beating the victim with his belt. Straight after the incident, the victim of an assault with children went to the Tunapuna Police Station to report the assault by the supervisor.

The police officers at the Tunapuna Police Station took charge and issued a Protection Order after recording the statement of the victim. The supervisor was arrested by the police officers on the same day and eventually charged with the relevant offences the next day.

After appearing in court under the same charges, the supervisor was granted bail against the sum of twenty thousand dollars. The next appearance of the culprit in the court in front of the Magistrate is expected to be on 20 May 2024.

The investigation of the Tunapuna assault case involving the supervisor of Tobago was conducted by Officer Jones with Inspector Jones under the guidance of Ag/Supt Claire Guy Alleyne.

People in the communities around the nation and in Tunapuna are sharing their opinions on the case after learning about the bail of the culprit supervisor in the Tunapuna assault case.

People are saying, “Again, the same thing thing. Nothing new in it. We all know about this. Crimes are at a peak in our country, and we see the failure of our authorities every day. The criminals who somehow got arrested are given bail and left open in the society so that they could commit more crimes.”

People also said, “What is the problem in giving punishment to such criminals in not-so-complicated cases? Always the argument comes that the case is complicated, so it is taking long, and the case goes on for many years. But why can’t we simply just shut the case by punishing the culprit rather than wasting time and granting bail.”

People are asking the authorities for justice and quick resolution of the case by punishing the culprit. People around the communities are also waiting for a further update on the case and looking forward to more clarity.