49-year-old man charged for 2023 shooting in Saint Andrew

49-year-old man arrested and charged on Thursday in case of a shooting on a victim in Saint Andrew 10 May 2023.

Kingston: officer shot taxi operator in encounter. Image Credit: Facebook, RSVG Police Force
Kingston: officer shot taxi operator in encounter. Image Credit: Facebook, RSVG Police Force

Jamaica: A 49-year-old man got arrested and charged the next day by police officers on Thursday, 8 February, in case of a shooting attack on a victim who was waiting for public transportation along Maxfield Avenue in Saint Andrew, a parish in the southwestern part of Jamaica, on 10 May 2023, around 9:45 pm.

The suspect of the shooting in Saint Andrew is identified with the name of Maurice Daley, who was a labourer also known by another name, Chaka Berry.

The suspect, Maurice Daley, was arrested by the police in a successful operation conducted by the police department on the basis of intelligence on Wednesday, 7 February. On Thursday, 8 February, the suspect was interrogated in the presence of the lawyer and was charged with relevant offences.

The suspect is charged under the offences of possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition without any permission, using the firearm to commit a crime and wounding with intention.

As per the reports, the incident of the Saint Andrew shooting took place on the day while the victim was standing and waiting for public transportation when a white Toyota Probox car approached him.

The car was occupied by multiple suspects, including Maurice Daley, who were armed with firearms. One of the suspects unexpectedly started firing in the direction of the victim. The victim got multiple hits in the shooting. Straight after, the suspects fled from the place of crime after the attack.

The incident of the Saint Andrew shooting was immediately reported to the police department in response to which the officers from the local police station took charge and went to the crime scene.

After visiting the place of the shooting, police officers confirmed the report and took control of the area for investigation. The injured victim of the shooting, who was bleeding from the gunshot wounds, was transferred to the hospital in critical condition under medical observation from the department.

The people of the nation and the residents of the communities around Saint Andrew are sharing their opinions after learning about the arrest of the suspect in the shooting case.

People are saying, “It is good to see that the case was not closed and police kept searching for the culprit. It took time, but it was great that the man was caught and arrested. This man must not be left on easy punishment. All such criminals must be behind the walls of jail so that common people can live in safety.”

The police department is conducting the investigation and inquiries to find the clues against the other suspects involved in the shooting case. It is mentioned that the date of appearance of the suspect in court is finalised and soon will be taken for a hearing.