38-year-old man attacked with cutlass by known women at Palo Seco

38-year-old man became victim of cutlass attack by known woman at his home in Palo Seco on Sunday, 21 January.

Trinidad anti-crime operations, 5 arrested with firearms and drugs. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad & Tobago News
Trinidad anti-crime operations, 5 arrested with firearms and drugs. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad & Tobago News

Trinidad and Tobago: A 38-year-old man became the victim of a serious attack with a cutlass by a known 35-year-old woman at his home in Palo Seco, a village in the southwestern part of Trinidad, on the evening of Sunday, 21 January, around 6:10 pm.

As per the reports, the incident of the cutlass attack took place when the victim was sleeping at his Palo Seco home along National Trace at Beach Road.

It is mentioned that while the victim was sleeping at nearly 6:10 p.m., he heard some strange noises in his home, which disturbed his sleep.

After getting awakened, the victim man observed a woman already in his bedroom without his permission who was known to him. The woman was armed with a cutlass, a sword-like weapon with a short and curved blade.

Suddenly, the suspect woman approached the victim on the bed and attacked him with the cutlass in hand. In the attack, the victim got injured with wounds by a cutlass on his cheek, ear and the left side of the head. Straight after the attack woman fled from the scene.

Somehow, the injured victim reported the Palo Seco cutlass attack to the police department and emergency health services to receive help. In response, officers from the local police department took charge and went to the crime scene.

After visiting the scene of the crime, police officers confirmed the report and took the area under control to start an early investigation. The victim, who was bleeding from his wounds, was instantly transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital under medical observation.

In the hospital, after all the efforts of the medical staff, the victim survived the attack after treatment but was said to be in a serious condition.

The people around the nation and in the communities of Palo Seco, after hearing about the case of the cutlass attack on the man, are sharing their opinions.

People are saying, “It doesn’t look like a robbery, definitely. People are not even safe with the known person now. Nowadays, crimes are happening more among known persons compared to unknown criminals.”

People also said, “Why did she want to kill him? Maybe he did something wrong with her, for which she had no other option. It is not about supporting murder, but we don’t know; anything could be a reality. Police need to look more deeply into it.”

People also commented on the victim, calling him lucky, “Getting chopped on the head and still saved, surely a lucky man. How many survive such lethal attacks? Maybe next time, he will not be that lucky if someone wants to kill him.”

The investigation is being conducted actively in the case, and officers are also conducting inquiries to collect more clarity on the incident under the guidance of PC Bhagwandeen.