Associates Times to host special webinar with CS Global Partners

Associates Times to host special webinar with CS Global Partners
Associates Times to host special webinar with CS Global Partners

Miami: Associates Times will be hosting a special webinar on Citizenship by Investment Programmes in collaboration with CS Global Partners at 2 pm (EST) Sunday (6 March 2022). The webinar would discuss the new trends in CBI Programmes, due diligence, application processing, and other significant aspects of economic citizenships. 




The special guests in the webinar will include Micha-Rose Emmett- CEO and Founder of CS Global Partners, and Paul Singh- Director of CS Global Partners. 




The webinar will also discuss the transformations experienced by the Citizenship by Investment industry in the past decade. Not only that, but CSGP will also talk about the difference between Residence by Investment and Citizenship by Investment, as well as the benefits of both options. All interested candidates can register for the webinar here.




Citizenship by Investment Programmes assisted numerous people in becoming global citizens. Many countries, big or small, are now introducing new programmes to generate a high amount of Foreign Direct Investments. 




The interactive session will provide information about the Citizenship by Investment Programme, its elements and the changing trends. It will also discuss the importance of the programme for host countries and all the benefits to applicants.




The virtual event will also discuss the steps the applicant can undertake to apply for the Citizenship by Investment programme. 




This session will include different aspects like applying for CBI Programme, due-diligence checking procedure, primary beneficiaries, and investment options.




CS Global Partners




CS Global Partners is the world’s largest government advisory and marketing firm, specialising in residency and citizenship by investment solutions. Based in the UK, the firm was founded by Micha Rose-Emmett in 2012, since then it has been an industry leader for years. It works work closely with governments and advise professionals on the best programmes for their clients.