3 designers from Barbados to participate in Accra Fashion Week in Ghana

Four artistes to represent Barbados at Accra Fashion Week
Four artistes to represent Barbados at Accra Fashion Week

Barbados: Three young designers from Barbados are all set to represent the Caribbean country at the stage of Accra Fashion Week 2023 in Ghana. The list will include three designers, Tia Olton of Tialani The Brand, Amor Emel of Amor Emel, Nikita Weir of Shop Arisar and Akela Jones of Edged X Echelon and one musician- Kweku Jelani.

Under the theme- “Bridging cultures through fashion,” Fashion week will run from December 13 to December 17 in Ghana. The National Culture Foundation of Barbados also outlined the profile of four performers and said that they will showcase the island’s creativity at the heart of Accra’s Fashion scene.

Business Development Officer Disa Forde-Cook said that the event will serve as a remarkable opportunity to empower Barbados’ designers, exposing them to diverse influences and markets and amplifying their voices on an international stage.

The brands of these four artistes will be featured at the event and open doors to new markets. It will also empower the designers to weave Bajan flair into the global fashion tapestry.

Tia Olton- designer and owner of Tialani The Brand, expressed pleasure and said that the event is an opportunity to access different brands and styles and expand the designer’s footprints. She also asserted that the event is the gateway to global exposure and new markets.

The founder of Arisar- Nikita Weir, said that the prestigious event is a vibrant celebration of heritage and style, merging Africa’s rich culture with contemporary fashion.

Kweku Jelani- musician and trumpeter, will provide the soundscapes for the designers at the Fashion Week. He extended gratitude to NCF for giving him the opportunity to represent Barbados on such a big and unified platform.

Accra Fashion Week 2023

The Fashion Week 2023 is promised to be more than a showcase, and global convergence of culture, design, style and innovation. The schedule and ticket prices have been announced. The patrons will have to pay 200ghs for one day, 350ghs for all days and 500ghs is for the VIP for all days.


On December 13, 2023:

  • Event name: Meet the Designer
  • Time and Location: 4: 00 pm at Kempinski Galleria
  • Theme- A night for press, influencer, creatives and more

On December 14, 2023

  • Event name: Hollantex Swimwear Deluxe Show
  • Time and Location: 3: 00 pm at Gloudpine

On December 15, 2023

  • Event name: African Fashion Summit
  • Time and Location: 12: 00 om at the British Council
  • Topic: Connecting the African Fashion Market with Brics Fashion Summit

On December 16, 2023

  • Event name: Main Shows
  • Time and Location: 1: 00 to 6: 00 pm at Kwame Akrumah Mausoieum

On December 17, 2023

  • Event name: After Party
  • Time: 7: 00 pm