21-year-old man brutally stabbed in La Brea, Trinidad

A 21 aged young man got stabbed multiple times on Ellis Street at La Brea in Trinidad on Sunday, 10 December,

Ten suspected charged for driving under influence in Debe police exercise. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago
Ten suspected charged for driving under influence in Debe police exercise. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: A 21-year-old man was found in serious condition after getting stabbed multiple times on Sunday, 10 December, at La Brea in Trinidad. The incident took place around 9 pm on Ellis Street, where the young victim was attacked by an assailant.

As per the early reports, the suspect is described as a man with a knife in hand who suddenly came to the young man and proceeded to stab the victim multiple times, after which he left the scene immediately.

The location of the young man stabbing incident is a vibrant area of La Brea, which is a town in the southwestern part of Trinidad Island.

The young man, while getting stabbed, somehow managed to raise the alarm for help. The people around in the area heard him and came for help.

While taking care of his condition, the victim was immediately taken to the Point Fortin Hospital. where medical professionals took the young man under observation and began curing his injuries.

The victim is alive now but still in serious condition, and the medical staff is working responsibly to ensure his recovery.

The reason behind the attack on the young man is still not clear, while the local law enforcement is actively investigating the case and following the traces of evidence around the incident.

The act of stabbing a young man in a public place of La Brea was reported to the authorities within a few moments. The action was taken immediately as the report was passed to the head of Local law enforcement PC Ramdeo.

PC Ramdeo and the investigative team are actively working to collect information about the case, interviewing the witnesses and connecting the dots to achieve a substantial lead up to the violent act.

The people of the La Brea community are asked to come forward to cooperate with the authorities if they have any information about the case, victim or suspect that may help in the ongoing investigation.

The act of violence against a young man in such a way raised the panic within the people of La Brea, which led to doubts in the minds about the safety and security of residents in the area.

People are considering the area not so safe to live a safe and prosperous life in peace, but a scary place now. One among the community said, “What is wrong with this country? So much evil. I would just prefer to leave the place as it has got so bad; every hour is a crime.”

Local authorities are trying to win over the trust of the public, promising betterment in the implementation of safety and security of the region, and in the recent case, they are working actively to investigate the situation and bring justice, they said.