20-year-old robber killed by off-duty officers in Curepe encounter

20-year-old man shot dead by an off-duty police officer in an encounter while an attempt of robbery in Curepe on 24 March.

Couva businessman lost car and valuables in a robbery after kidnapping.
Couva businessman lost car and valuables in a robbery after kidnapping.

Trinidad and Tobago: A 20-year-old man, was shot dead by an off-duty police officer in an encounter while the suspect tried to attempt a robbery on him along Lyndon Street in Curepe, a town in the northwestern part of Trinidad, on the evening of Sunday, 24 March, around 8:00 pm.

Sources say, that after the encounter, in which the young man was shot in Curepe, the off-duty police officers immediately informed his colleagues at the Saint Joseph Police Station about the incident. In response, a team of police officers from the Northern Division went to the location with the designated medical officer.

At the site of the encounter, the police officers seized the entire place under the protocols and started the investigation. While the designated medical officers examined the body of the young man and declared him dead officially.

As per the statement of the off-duty officers, who shot the young man, mentioned that the incident took place on the day while he was standing along Lyndon Street at nearly 8:00 pm. While he was at the location of Curepe, the deceased man approached him with aggression with the intention of robbery.

The officer said that the suspect was armed with a firearm with which he threatened him, and at gunpoint, the suspect asked him to withdraw all the valuables he was carrying at the time.

It is said that the actions of the young man made the officers fearful for his life and for his self-defence, the officers pulled his firearm out and got armed after which he shot in the direction of the suspect multiple times. The shooting left the suspect wounded which eventually took his life.

After the examination of the shooting site, the body of the dead was removed from the scene and taken for further procedures. The police officers also collected a firearm loaded with bullets with the dead body of the man.

After the investigation of the encounter case, the identity of the dead man is disclosed to be Ferdan Thomas, who lived at East Grove in the Curepe town of Trinidad. Ferdan Thomas is recorded to be the eighth suspect killed in an encounter with a police officer this year till now.

The last such case was recorded this year on Saturday, 17 February, along Lovell Street at Monte Grande in Tunapuna town of Trinidad. In that case, three individuals were killed in a confrontation with police officers. The deceased were identified as Shaquille McGregor, Jadel Ottley, and Silence.