19-year-old police supervisee found shot dead in Laventille

19-year-old teenage police supervisee found dead after getting shot along a track opposite Canada Plannings in Laventille on 25 March.

One dead, three injured in firebomb attack of Couva.
One dead, three injured in firebomb attack of Couva.

Trinidad and Tobago: A 19-year-old teenage boy, who is said to be a police supervisee, was found dead after getting multiple shots along a track opposite Canada Plannings in Laventille, a suburb in Port of Spain, on the evening of Monday, 25 March, around 7:20 pm.

As per the reports, the act of Laventille shooting on the teenage boy took place on the day after 5:45 pm, in the evening, as the victim was at the Besson Street Police Station before that and left the place at the time after having his police supervisee book signed.

It is mentioned that at nearly 7:20 pm, the police officers received reports of the murder from the common people passing by the place, which gave the officers information of a lifeless body lying at the location of Laventille, Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago.

After receiving the information about the crime in the locality of their jurisdiction, the police officers proceeded to the mentioned place of crime. After the visit, the report came out to be confirmed after the discovery of the victim, who was lying lifeless, covered with his blood.

After the examination of the victim, the boy was recognised as a police supervisee, who was known by his documented name of Stefan Troy Nicholas. The victim boy belonged to the Clovis Trace along Morne Coco Road in Maraval, a suburb in the northern part of the Capital Port of Spain.

The designated medical officer of the police department arrived at the Laventille crime scene to examine the dead body of the victim police supervisee, Stefan Troy Nicholas. In the examination of the dead body, the designated medical officer observed the wounds from the gunshots, which penetrated through his head and abdomen, which led to his death.

Straight after, the designated medical officer made his pronouncement and shared his initial takeaways with the investigating officers. The crime scene was seized for the investigation and the body of the deceased was taken for further proceedings and post-mortem.

The investigators from the law enforcement department are conducting the investigation and inquiries into the murder case of a police supervisee in Laventille. The officers are tracing the relevant clues that could lead them to the culprit of the murder and subsequently arrest the suspect.

In the current month, this is the third murder case recorded in the region of Laventille till now. The last murder was reported on Sunday, 10 March, where a 26-year-old man was shot and killed in a fatal attack near his home along Picton Road in Laventille. The deceased was identified by his name, Josiah Pierre.