13 Reasons why people marry the wrong person

Divorce rates are increasing , know here the 13 reasons that leads to marring the wrong person which leads to unsuccessful marriages

Reasons of marrying the wrong person
Reasons of marrying the wrong person

Divorce rates have been increasing since 2021. Marriages are failing due marrying the wrong person. According to American Psychological Association, 40% to 50% marriages end in divorce.

Marriage is a life changing decision. It is a commitment between two individuals to build a life together, share experiences, celebrate joys, support each other, and face the challenges together.

Therefore, choosing the wrong person to marry can ruin the lives of involved individuals.

Reasons why people marry the wrong person:

  1. Lack of Self-Understanding
  • Some people are not able to understand themselves and their needs leading them to choose a partner who doesn’t align with their true values. Lack of self-understanding will make it difficult to communicate and express bringing difficulties in relationships.
  1. Rushed Decisions
  • Making Quick Decisions without understanding the other person will lead to choosing an unhappy relationship. Without sufficient reflection, it is difficult to assume if the person is a right choice. Sometimes the fear that the person might change their mind leads to rushed and wrong decisions.
  1. External Pressure
  • Family and societal pressure can push people into marriages with individuals who may not be compatible or suitable for a lifelong commitment.
  1. Infatuation and Love
  • Confusing the terms intense infatuation and genuine love can result in choosing a partner who may not be the best long-term fit. It leads to choosing a partner based on superficial qualities and no emotional connection.
  1. Ignoring Red Flags
  • Overlooking warning signs or dismissing important differences in values, communication styles, or long-term goals can contribute to marrying the wrong person.
  1. Unrealistic Expectations
  • Setting high expectations in a relationship can result in disappointment when the reality doesn’t meet the ideals. The dissatisfaction leads to toxicity and arguments resulting in an unhappy marriage.
  1. Fear of Being alone
  • The fear of loneliness drive individuals to settle for less and someone who doesn’t compliment their life.
  1. Incomplete communications
  • Not being able to confess real feelings, fear of getting judged and Insufficient communication about essential topics such as finances, family planning, daily life, important events and personal goals can lead to misunderstandings and regrets later in the marriage.
  1. Change in Priorities
  • People evolve over time, shifting priorities, changes in persons behaviour and personal growth misalignment can cause a once-compatible couple to realize they married the wrong person.
  1. Unnecessary hope
  • People generally assume that the person they have deep feelings might change for good over time or after marriage can lead to a dissatisfied marriage.
  1. Long-term Dating
  • Thoughts like “We’ve dated for so long I don’t want to waste all the time we have invested in the relationship”, “It is too late”, “too embarrassing to call off the wedding”, “He is a really nice guy, I don’t want to hurt his feelings” even when the person is unhappy in a relationship can lead to marrying the wrong person.
  1. Not Accepting the hard truth
  • Some people want to live in a bubble that their relationship is perfect. The illusion that their partner is the one ultimately leads to wrong decisions.
  1. Lack of compatibility and emotional support
  • Marrying someone who is not compatible and doesn’t offer emotional support will surely lead to an unsuccessful marriage.

It is very important to choose the right partner for a happy and successful marriage. Therefore, think wisely before taking this major decision of life.