11 people killed in an attempt to break the prison in Haiti

On January 3, 2022, ten inmates of Haiti prison tried to escape and were killed, police officials said.

11 killed in attempt to prison break

On January 3, 2022, ten inmates of Haiti prison tried to escape and were killed, police officials said. Moreover, in the incident, a police officer was also killed, so in total, 11 people were killed in the Haitian prison.

The whole incident-

According to some reports, in the incident, firstly, some unidentified prisoners attempted to break out of Haiti’s second-largest prison. The individuals also had firearms with them.


The deceased inmates have captured and hostages three police officers and one nurse.

They have further gone to the high-security established, and in the office, they have found another weapon stored in the office, including an assault rifle and seized them.

After a while, special police reinforcements have also exchanged fire with the inmates to prevent them from doing something illegal.

But all ten prisoners were killed, and their attempt to break into the prison and to escape was failed.

Police officials said that they had recovered illegal weapons from the guards’ arsenal.

According to the statement of spokesman Gary Desrosiers,” eleven people have died due to incident, ten inmates and one our police officer. The incident took place Friday at Croix-des-Bouquets, just outside the Haitian capital”.


He further informed that the incident injured at least three more police officers in critical condition. They have been rushed to the hospital for medical treatment in Cuba.

In February last year, in broad daylight, more than 400 prisoners were escaped from the same prison. In that incident, about 25 people, including the jail’s director was killed.

Earlier on the same day, the Prime Minister of Haiti, Aeril Henry, was attacked at the church in the city of Gonaives. However, the attempt was failed and the attacker was further killed by the police.

Moreover, Some local gangs have also warned PM Henry not to come out, but despite that, he came out and visited different places.