100 schools of Jamaica equipped with Internet

To support online study in the pandemic time, 100 schools in Jamaica have been equipped with Internet.

Kingston, Jamaica: To support online study in the pandemic time, 100 schools in Jamaica have been equipped with Internet.

Minister of Education, Youth and Information Fayval Williams, announced this good news in the tablet handover ceremony held at Mona Heights Primary School in St Andrew.

Executive Director, Tourism Enhancement Fund, Dr Carey Wallace stated that The ministry had taken action to assure that more of our schools have Internet connectivity. In the last two months, 100 schools that did not have Internet access now hold connectivity.

“When we look at the data across the last six weeks that we have been on the online data platform, you can see the numbers rising in terms of the number of students that have been capable of coming onto the system,” she said.

The programme to provide the 100 schools, which were deemed priority institutions by the ministry, was undertaken through a partnership with communications service provider Readynet Limited.

 Minister Williams stated that the discussions are underway with many other vendors to aid Internet access for another 135 institutions, noting that “at the end of the day we want all our schools and communities to be connected.

Dr Carey Wallace said that the Government is committed to building a robust information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystem, which, in addition to Internet service, too involves ensuring that every student has access to a device.

She stated that already, almost 50,000 tablets are in the school system, noting that the number does not cover the donations and contributions from individuals plus institutions.

“By the moment we close the school year, we are assuming that there will be 100,000 tablets in the school system, and that is important. It means that there are that several more children who have access to the online world to accelerate and enhance their learning with technology,” Williams stated.

A total of nine tablets were given to Mona Heights Primary under the ‘One Laptop or Tablet per Child’ initiative.

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